Stress & Hypertension

We all work under different conditions and environments. Similarly, we have different lifestyles, sleeping, and eating habits. However, due to improper lifestyle and work pressure, we start getting worried and take the stress. As a result of it, we become hypertensive and eventually patients with high blood pressure.

Stress Condition

Research suggests that approximately 1.5 billion people are high blood pressure patients. Whereas, in the USA every single man out of three is a patient with hypertension. This is why the ratio of heart diseases is constantly increasing. Through this blog article, Our Fashion Passion offers a proper and healthy lifestyle guide to you. By adopting it, you can not only reduce stress but also overcome hypertension. Let’s now start reading this complete guide. Stress

What is the Stress?

Stress means feeling tensed or pressurized. It can be mental, psychological, and physical. Different things such as overburden, workload, anxiety, overthinking, and too much worry may cause stress. Similarly, constant or chronic and severe stress may lead to high blood pressure and diabetes.


Additionally, improper sleeping and improper eating can also cause stress. Your environment where you work or your performance causes stress if things are not going in your way. On the other hand, an irregular lifestyle is one of the most common causes of stress. There is no age limit for stress. It can develop at any time and at any age.


How to Overcome the Stress?

There are a number of ways by which we can overcome stress. Changing lifestyle and diet reduces stress to a great extent. Similarly, walking, exercising, swimming, medication, and praying reduce stress levels. Additionally, spend some time with your best friends and family on regular basis. Enjoy nature and feel the calm and relaxing beauty of nature. Actually, nature nurtures the human mood and psyche.


Stress Relief

What is Hypertension or High Blood Pressure?

Actually, hypertension and high blood pressure are the same things. Similarly, anything higher than the normal systolic range (120 mm Hg) and diastolic range (80 mm Hg) is hypertension. It is not an overnight increase but rather due to constant stress, anxiety, and depression. Improper lifestyle, eating habits, and late-night sleeping habits may also cause hypertension. Additionally, eating oily and junk food causes high blood pressure.


How to Control Hypertension or High Blood Pressure?

By maintaining a healthy lifestyle we can control high blood pressure. Similarly, a regular walk or at least 30 minutes of simple exercise work lowers the high blood pressure. Additionally, drinking sufficient water and avoiding salt and oily things also prove beneficial against hypertension. On the other hand, a banana a day keeps the high blood pressure away.  On the other hand, never eat fast foods like burgers, pizza, sugar, oily or fatty things during high blood pressure.

Hypertension Relief

Which Particular Lifestyle is Best to Manage Stress & Hypertension?

A healthy and organized lifestyle is the best way to control high blood pressure. In this regard, add some healthy routine activities to your life. Eat proper and healthy food. Sleep well and on time.



Never drink alcohol and quit smoking once and for all. Stay positive and stop worrying about things. Spend some time with family and friends. Enjoy nature and live an active life. Additionally, follow the following healthy food guide and stay away from hypertension.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Food Guide for Controlling Stress & Hypertension

If you want to control stress and high blood pressure, you must eat the following foods. Add these foods to your eating and drinking menu for all seasons. This healthy food guide is research-based and has 100% effective results. Just read and watch these 13 healthy foods and drinks.

1. Drink plenty of water every day

Drink enough water regularly. Research suggests 8 to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis for adults.


Drinking water

2. Eat Strawberries and blueberries regularly

Berries are such a fruit that helps against stress and tension.


3. Take bananas regularly

Bananas have got amazing health benefits including reducing stress on an immediate basis.


4. Drink beet, watermelon, and pomegranate juices

Fresh fruit juices are always a better choice against tea or coffee to reduce stress.

beet juice

5. Eat green leafy vegetables

Eat vegetables regularly and control your weight. Increase in weight causes so many problems including stress.Vegetables

6. Use garlic in your food menu and drink garlic mixed green tea


7. Eat dark chocolates

Dark Chocolates

8. Eat dry fruits; particularly pistachios

Dry Fruits

9. Use citrus fruits such as oranges and eat all seasonal fruits daily

Citrus Fruits

10. Take fish to fulfill protein need


11. Do eat green beans and carrots when they are available


12. Use tomato and drink tomato juice


13. Eat magnesium and antioxidant-rich food

Healthy Food


Live a healthy life by taking care of your life. Similarly, love your life which is a great gift from God to you. Never worry about any job or work loss. There are so many other opportunities waiting for you. However, do worry about your healthy life that we get only once. Eventually, never work at the risk of your health rather work for your healthy life.


Happy Life

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