10 Steps To Maintain Your Shoes And Why They Curve Up

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To complete our daily outfits will have to buckle up our shoes because It’s also an aspect of good manners and of course looking good. After you have invested in a great pair of shoes it is important to know how to keep them in good shape for as long as possible. So in this article, we will discuss how to maintain your shoes to keep them looking great and answer the question of why they turn up.

10 steps to maintain your shoes

Some people are just wearing shoes that do not match their outfits but the movement of your foot inside of the shoe can cause the leather to crease. While some wrinkling is unavoidable, there are steps you can take to prevent your dress shoes from creasing. guess what I will give you some tips on how to maintain our shoes, how can shoes match our cloth, and how to select good shoes. Guess what beautiful soles are not needed more attention due to our daily basis and activities, all that you need is to follow this prompt.

maintain your shoes

How to maintain your shoes

1. You have to keep shoes away from dust but it is not advisable to wear one pair of shoes regularly

2. Clean your shoes by hand every time you wear your shoes.

3. Whenever you wash your shoes try to spray them with a waterproof protector, it will make them blemished if they get wet by rain.

4. Make sure you used a shoehorn whenever you want to wear your shoes it will make them easy to wear and prevent them from ceasing.

5. Make sure you tighten your shoelaces properly, it will also prevent them from ceasing.

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6. Walk properly, because when you are not walking politely it allows the upper material of your shoes to straighten and flatten. Besides, you will not exert much effort and strain your legs as well as your shoes.

7. Make sure you add silica gel to your shoes, during Summer, this will prevent your shoes from moisture and dampness.

8. Make sure you put shoes on wooden shoe horns for long-term shoe storage.

9. Make sure you always wear your shoes in dry conditions to avoid soles losing, because some shoes are gum together with weakened Gum.

10. Keeping your shoes on the shoe tree when you’re not wearing them is the most important thing you can do to keep your shoes from creasing.

Why do shoes curve up?

Most sneaker toes are always curved, especially when you have a gap between your foot and toes this is always common around the toe box and the leather will bend more. When your shoes are curved up they will change shape.


Make sure you select very beautiful fitting shoes and make sure your shoes are always in dry condition, don’t ever forget to wear shoes that are matching your clothes you will earn good respect and show how beautiful, that God creates you in his picture.

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