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Hi There My Name Is Hertz:

Quiet unique for a name I know it’s not my exact name but I prefer it that way.

So I have been into fashion for quite some years…….and now I have experience in every field of fashion like clothes, hairstyles, pose………I would like to share what I learned so u can improve yourself.

Before we begin it’s not like this can change you completely it has nothing to do with how u look.

Remember Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. We only try to be the best version of ourselves.

Now the first step is to what you want to look like and who u want to impress, for your own growth or someone you love. What is the occasion, is it a summer party or is it a casual wedding or you going out with someone or you are walking down the street for everyone’s attention……Don’t worry I got ya

1. Casual Summer Outfits:


You know it’s Summer when it is pretty hot you can’t go dressed in a coat… should try T-shirts but most of the time they look boring.

But nah this time it won’t be boring because I am here to guide you.

The first choice is T-shirts. It’s summer so you need bright colors no to dark t-shirts.

fashion t-shirts

A white T-shirt is the deal for you but should be of high quality. They are best with blue and dark and tea-colored pants.

fashion t-shirts 2

Grey shirts are one of best with white pants. They also give rough look with blue jean pants.

fashion t-shirts 3

Blue shirts are best with white pants and blue and dark color pants.

Following are the pants I mentioned above and look good with every outfit.

fashion pants

White pants with T-shirts above them rock and it gives a sense of confidence.

fashion pants 2

For a more formal and business-like look. You need these pants. It goes with white shirts the most. These pants can be also used for casual looks depending on the shoes you wear.

fashion pants 3

These blue jeans pants rock with blue, white, and black. It gives the expression that you are confident in how you look. Remember to wear sneakers with it.

Now, let’s move on to shoes you would wear:

For a casual look, I prefer u to wear sneakers like:

fashion shoes
fashion shoes 2
fashion shoes 3

Now for a formal look wear brown or dark color boats:

fashion shoes 4
fashion shoes 5
fashion shoes 6

Now let’s move more deeply after all these categories u still feel something is off.

Daily Haute - Stylish Suits for All Occasions

So let me tell you the correct word is that u need accessories :

Like Rings and Braids and lockets and most important watches. These things are men’s wear as well as women’s.

I will make it short but if you want deep details just contact me later on…..

For rings I recommend black and silver rings with specific geometrical shapes:

For braids, I recommend black leather or silver chain. You can create it at home need some small ropes and need to watch YouTube dye.

For watches, I recommend silver color watches with blue contrast or brown leather watches with details on them like.

For a chain go with a silver chain or silver pendants like

But remember to wear them inside a dark t-shirt for a casual look so it sides can be only seen. Because sometimes it gives dark vibes which are not what u want but for soft color clothes like a grey t-shirt and white pants u can show them outside.

So this was all for today…..hope u enjoy it and take your first step into fashion because fashion is all about exploring.

For further details message me. Bye-bye, take care.

By Hertz

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