Sparkling And Stylish Marquise Ruby Rings

Halo marquise ruby ring
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“A marquise ruby ring, like true love, shines bright and holds its beauty forever.”

Ladies, the timeless beauty of marquise ruby rings is the perfect way to add a touch of glamor and elegance to your jewelry collection. It’s no secret that fashionistas have worn these exquisite jewelry pieces for centuries, and they’re making a comeback in the fashion and jewelry world today. Ruby rings symbolize love and commitment, and it’s no surprise that they are becoming popular for engagement rings and everyday wear, with their unique shape, sparkling ruby stone, and hint of vintage charm make them minimalistic yet stylish.

Also, the ruby ring features a marquise cut as the centerpiece and is often surrounded by diamonds or other precious stones to enhance its sparkle. The unique boat shape of the marquise cut creates the illusion of a larger gemstone, making it a popular choice for those who want a statement piece. And the deep red hue of the ruby is said to represent passion and power.

In this piece, we’ll discuss marquise ruby rings in 5 beautiful styles and take a closer look at its gleaming and fashionable marquise rubies and explain why they’re the ideal addition to your jewelry collection. So, let’s explore the world of marquise ruby rings to find one that speaks to your distinct style.

1. Engagement marquise ruby ring


Engagement marquise ruby ring
Engagement marquise ruby ring

A glimmer of fiery red, a marquise cut ruby sits majestically in an 18K yellow gold ring of prong set of round diamonds. The ruby’s rich, vibrant hue is enhanced by the dazzling surrounding with 26 diamonds, creating a truly breathtaking piece of jewelry. The simple yet elegant setting showcases the gemstone’s unique shape, making it a showstopper piece. This engagement ring will make her eyes sparkle with happiness and she will say ‘I do’ forever to a ring as stunning as your love. “This ruby ring is the epitome of timeless beauty and sophistication, perfect for the modern woman with a love for classic glamour.

2. Three-stone marquise ruby ring

Three-stone marquise ruby ring
Three-stone marquise ruby ring

This beautiful ring features a 3- stone marquise ruby ring set in rich 18K rose gold. This radiant ruby ring setting is accented with trillion-cut diamonds, adding an extra touch of glitz and glamor. Consider giving her this stunning three-stone ruby ring studded with natural diamonds to create an eye-catching design that is sure to turn heads as she walks past. The rose gold’s warm tone complements the ruby and diamonds beautifully, making this ring a stunning choice for a memorable occasion or as an everyday accessory.

3. Halo marquise ruby rings

Halo marquise ruby rings
Halo marquise ruby ring

This stunning marquise ruby is set in dazzling 18K white gold and features a pave set of round diamonds. The brilliant ruby is surrounded by a gleaming halo of diamonds, creating a spellbinding effect that will take her breath away. This ring’s intricate details and expert craftsmanship make it a truly stunning piece. The white gold serves as a bright and modern backdrop for the ruby and diamonds, making this ring ideal for adding to your jewelry collection.


4. Solitaire marquise ruby rings


Solitaire marquise ruby rings
Solitaire marquise ruby ring

This magnificent marquise ruby solitaire ring has a traditional prong setting and is made of gleaming 18K white gold. The ruby’s brilliance is enhanced by this ring’s modest yet elegant design, which makes it really shine. This ring is perfect for wearing every day because of how wonderfully the shiny, contemporary 18K white gold contrasts with the deep red color of the ruby. The classic style of this solitaire ring will always be in vogue and make it a priceless addition to any jewelry collection.

5. Antique marquise ruby rings


Antique marquise ruby rings
Antique marquise ruby ring

A magnificent antique marquise cut a ruby is set in a classic prong setting with round diamonds set in 18K rose gold. The warm, rosy hue of the rose gold complements the rich red of the ruby beautifully, creating a stunning contrast. The round diamonds add a glamorous and classy touch to the design. This ring’s vintage-inspired design is ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of timeless, antique jewelry because “an antique lover cherishes the unique beauty and history behind every vintage piece,” and this ring is sure to be a treasured family heirloom for generations to come.

Last words

For those who adore red gems, marquise-cut ruby rings are a stunning option. They have a distinctive boat-shaped cut that enhances the stone’s brilliance and gives it an elongated appearance. The ruby is set in a variety of ring settings, such as solitaires, halos, three-stone, vintage-inspired styles, and many more. Each set has a distinct look, ranging from classic and elegant to bold and glamorous. Marquise ruby rings, with their rich color and timeless appeal, make a lovely and meaningful gift for a loved one or a special treat for oneself. Adding to their beauty, marquise ruby rings are very versatile and can be worn with a variety of different outfits, from formal evening wear to casual street style.

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