Socks Day!


Have you ever asked yourself why socks were introduced into the fashion industry? Why do people go ahead and put them on their feet? What brands top the list of being the best in the market? The most comfortable ones and so on and so forth? Well, my blog today thrives to answer some of these questions running through most people’s minds concerning socks, in general.

Why put on socks?

The answer to that right there narrows down to comfort. Humans are after seeking comfortability. This forces them to opt for Merino wool socks for they offer a higher level of comfort with their thickness, unlike other socks. Wool also has the ability to hold up a third of its weight in moisture before feeling wet. Therefore, this makes it a great material for socks to be worn all day.

Socks day
Socks day

Is it okay to have socks on when going to bed?

Frankly speaking, it would rather be best if people avoid socks when sleeping. Having socks on while sleeping increases the chance of poor hygiene. If the socks are made of light material, unbreathable socks full of dirt, this would pose the risk of being infected and having an odor. However, for those who feel like sleeping with socks on, well and good. Though ensure that the socks are clean and made of a material such as cotton which allows movement of air in and out easily.

Ankle socks

What are Ankle socks often called?

They are referred to as shorties. Low rise socks is another term used to refer to Ankle socks. They show a little bit above the shoe area. They are low cut and very comfortable types of socks. For this reason, shorties have been a popular choice for athletes who used them during training sessions. It could be while running, during workouts, or even at cycling.

Can you wear ankle socks with dress shoes?

Not really. Opt instead for dark-colored trouser socks so that nobody can see your skin on the legs when you sit down.

Thigh-high socks

Thigh-high socks

These are stockings with an elasticized band at the top, designed to hold the stockings up when worn.  These stockings have a purpose for being in the market. This is, the no gusset – found in the middle area of pantyhose. Thigh highs leave a woman’s curves free underneath Pants, dresses, and skirts.


When to wear thigh highs?

Mostly in the winter seasons. This is majorly for warmth. They also look gorgeous over jeans, leggings, or even tights.


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