Simple Everyday Makeup Look

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I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup lately which is very unusual for me but since my internship started, I realized how essential makeup is. And so I decided to wear simple everyday makeup to help me feel confident and work-ready! Here are the top 3 simple everyday makeup looks that you might want to consider.



Natural Simple Everyday Makeup Look

This look is a vibe for a sweet style. It’s not that hard to do especially if you are a pro at wearing makeup. For a natural look, make sure to use a color pallet that will match your eye shadow and your lipstick so that it will look great and chic. For extra glam, eyelash extension is a must. This is a trick of every lady who wants to look wide awake all the time.  And oh! who wants to have an eyebrow fleek? I guess we all want that.



Fresh Simple Everyday Makeup Look

A fresh simple makeup look is my go-to makeup choice especially if I’m running late from where I planned to go. With a little eyebrow fix and lipstick, you’re ready to go. But if you don’t want to look pale you can wear blush and put a simple shade of eyeshadow and don’t forget to curl up your eyelashes and put mascara on them to blend your natural lashes.


Eyeliner Simple Everyday Makeup Look

I’m not into putting an eyeliner because I’m not good on it but I love it especially if you put an eyelashes extension. For this look no need for a strong eyebrow (that’s optional though). Just make sure to brush and fix your eyebrow to make it more fresh and clean. I suggest a color shade of lipstick for this one and a touch of blush for a sweet look.

Makeup may be hard and tiring to do but admit it, once you get used to it you cannot live the house without wearing makeup even if it’s simple or not.

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