Simple and Out-Class Makeup Looks of Angelina Jolie


Hey! Do you like Angelina Jolie?  Everyone liked her. You know  Angelina is my favorite actress in the Hollywood industry. She has immense acting skills. Her movie `Maleficient` is an example of both; her beauty and talent. In an interview she said that she mostly does her making by herself, her words were;

“I don`t want to have to depend on a makeup artist. I`m much more comfortable with just a little concealer for my dark circles. That`s my main thing”

Angelina Jolie is the very gorgeous celebrity I have ever seen. She inspires everyone with her every action rather she is on screen or off the screen. Although this celebrity does very less makeup there is inspiration from her simple makeup look. She uses `Hourglass` makeup products and has a makeup artist, her name is `Toni Gonzaga` Here is the complete detail of her look that I wanted to share with you;

1. Simple Makeup Look:

As the celebrity has already told us that she tries to use less makeup and we noticed that she mostly comes out with simple makeup. For stability of makeup, she uses mattes. For this look, we need to apply these products;

1. For Eyes: She uses Pink Eye Shadow on the eyelid, then Cork Eye Shadow (a crease color) on the crease uses a kind of espresso color to create a smoke effect on the lower lash line, a Vanilla Eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone, then cream eyeliner for the waterline, after that a liner (be careful if you`re applying cat eyeliner/winged, trace out the way for applying liner with eyeshadow) and then eyelashes on last.

2. For the Face: The foundation on the face, a concealer for covering dark parts, and a little bit of Blush.


3. For Lips: Lipliner for maintaining the shape of lips, lite color lipstick on lips (l suggest lip mates will be a good choice for long-lasting effect).

Angelina Jolie

This is the complete detail of her simple look that I could give you. You will be thanking me later for telling you these tips. Not only her simple makeup look is good, but there are also many other makeup styles Angelina that I also love very much and I often apply on my face. I`m going to share three outclass of them. They are Jelly Makeup Look, Mineral Look, and last but not least Smoky Makeup Look. The detail them is as follows;

2. Jelly Make-up look:

A jelly makeup look is glossy makeup. It has gelatinous material used at the end. Angelina has already a shiny face and this glossy makeup enhances her beauty multiple times. Products used in this makeup are Jelly Highlighter, Butter London Glaze Eye Gloss, ColourPop Jelly Shadow, Jelly Beam Illuminator, Veil Primer, Lip Quencher, Jelly Blush, and Jelly Blush.

Angelina Jolie 2

3. Smoky Makeup look:

Smooky makeup is considered very classy makeup. People use it at very high-class parties. Angelina has also done this makeup many times. I`m going to share them but first I will tell you about this makeup is consist of how many basic products. It contains; a Liner, Smoky Eye Mascara, a Smoky Eyeshadow Palette, Loose Powder, Kajal, and Gel Pencil, Bronzer, Concealer, and Foundation. She also wore Gray Contact Lenses. Here is a look at her makeup;

Angelina Jolie 3

4. Mineral Makeup Look:

Mineral makeup is a kind that kind of makeup in which such kinds of products are used that contain some kind of traditional liquid. This is a very smooth makeup look. It is a kind of natural look plus it is quite easy to use and products can be conveniently bought. Products involved in it are; Mineral Lip Liner pencils, Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, and Powder. Her look is;

Angelina Jolie 4

By Marie

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