Silk Cami Top On Style


Am I the only one who is obsessed with a silk cami top? I guess am not! The silk cami top brings a fresh vibe which is why it is the best choice for OOTD when you have a busy day.

Silk Cami Top On Jeans

Silk Cami Top On Jeans

Silk Cami Top On Jeans might be a little bit used in style since a lot of ladies out there use this look but hey! Here’s a trick! You can style a silk cami top on jeans in so many ways. Depends on your style and taste. For extra glam, you can add some pieces of jewelry and wear loafers or heels perhaps. Whatever you decide to wear, it’s great for you.

Silk Cami Top On Short-Shorts

Silk Cami Top On Short-Shorts

Want to look fresh and homey? This look is for you then. A silk cami top on short shorts is such a vibe and it brings a fresh and comfy feeling. You can pair it with a sneaker or high-edge shoes for a more casual look. Don’t forget to wear jewelry as well!

On Loose Trouser Pants

Silk Cami Top On Loose Trouser Pants

If you want to look like a girl boss, then a silk cami top on loose trouser pants got you! Even if you’re at work you will still look comfy yet classy! You can pair it with high-edge shoes or if you want to be ladylike, heels are a good choice as well. Make sure to choose the right color of silk cami top to mix and match the trouser.

This is one of the looks that other people consider basic because it is really basic! It has a simple and plain style which is a good thing because it is not hard to pair with whatever pants you have. Just always remember to pick the right color to not match the whole look. That’s a trick ladies should know 😉.

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