The first thing we look at in shoes while buying them is the comfort level. But for some people beauty is pain. Don’t believe me? Let me show you the top 10 uncomfortable shoes of all time:

1. Ouch, my feet!

Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t even call these shoes. These just scream painful. Imagine having to stand or walk in them. I could neverrrrrr. If you can handle these and walk in these kudos!


2. Giving cold feet another meaning.

We all hate summers when our feet get all sweaty in our shoes due to heat but never did I ever thought about wearing shoes that look like ice. These are not just it, even though they could be comfortable but look wise the make me uncomfortable!

3. That is  Bananas!

Yes literally! These shoes are bananas or at least look like banana peels. If you love banana, eat them! Not wear them on you feet as shoes you people.

4. It’s Halloween season

If you wear these shoes on Halloween then its fine otherwise I would be very concerned. And I really really hope that the spider inside the platform is dead!


5. Give me all the height

I am on the fence on this one, I can’t decide whether these are cool or I absolutely hate them, so guys let me know your thoughts on these ones.

6. Half-in Half-out

Isn’t the main motive of shoes is to protect our feet. What is the use of such shoes in which half our your feet is hanging out for its dear life.

7. Just a big nooooo!

Wow! I don’t even know where to start from. These just scream pain to me. I feel dizzy just by looking at these monstrosity.

8. The human skin boots


Look at these if I saw someone wearing these in public, I will be concerned. These actually look like human feet just more scary.

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~Priya Grover

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