Sharp Dressed: Unlocking Your Personel Style and Elevating Your Fashion Game

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Fashion is becoming a lifestyle for people. Just a few years back, fashion was limited to specific and few choices. Now, the world of fashion is massive. All individuals express their unique taste and personal style through their stylish clothing and accessories.

Although the world is going through a fashion blow, many people are still struggling to find their style, their taste, what they look good in, and how they can express themselves. “How do I find my best look? How do I get started in fashion?”- these queries are always surrounding minds. But ladies and gents, don’t worry anymore, because in this blog post, we will dive into the exciting world of fashion, offering tips and insights to help you navigate your journey to the world of fashion. We will guide you through the steps to enhance your style and make a long-lasting impression on everyone.

1. Start off with good knowledge of the basics

Before we try to dive into trends, we should know about the basics of fashion and clothing. We should know “What is fashion? How can I get better at it? How can I dress attractive?” To know about your style, first, you should know basics like how to figure out your fit, your seasonal palette, your body type, and a lot more. And how do you gather knowledge about it? No need to rush, I am also going to share some sources.

The most popular and useful sources are fashion magazines. Magazines can tell you a lot about fashion. Renowned magazines like Vogue and Dazed shows you practical demonstration of pulling outfits and looks, and they also have fashion tips, which can save you from styling failures. You can also follow their YouTube channels.

If you have any influencers as the icon for fashion, then you can also follow their styles and trends and try to find your own!

2. Learn about yourself and your personal style

Learning about yourself may sound insignificant, but it is the factor to focus on the most. To dress better and appeal attractive, you must know about your beauty factors such as your body type, your skin tone, your seasonal colours and shades, your eye type and more!

You can know about your styling factors in many ways. The best and easiest way is to take the help of Colour and Beauty experts. They will run some simple tests based on your nature, skin tone and appearance. You can also get a Colour Analysis Test to determine your seasonal shades and patterns that match you the best! And remember, being able to pull off one’s personal colours by understanding it perfectly, is also a skill!


You can also take a look at social media videos and quizzes. Sometimes they are not 100% accurate, but they also show amazing results!

3. Play with style and aesthetics

By playing with your style, I mean experimenting with different vibes of different outfits and having fun! Although not every look will look good on you, you will know the differences between the vibe you suit well to and the vibe you do not suit well to. It can also happen that the looks and vibes you have been wearing your whole life is not even your season! But don’t be upset, you can still pull off your seasonal vibes! You can also find your favourites within your seasonal palette.

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4. Add accessories to your wardrobe

Accessories add the perfect final touch to your outfit and elevate your look for the day. But accessories should not look out of place. They should match the vibe of your outfit and also should fit perfectly. Choosing accessories is not that hard, but sometimes it can get tricky if you’re just getting into fashion. But trust me, the impact it will have on your looks is extraordinary and incomparable! You can always take help from sources that are mentioned earlier in the post.

personal style Jewelry

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5. Make a closet full of your personal style desires

After researching and studying all the way, you will know how to dress up perfectly by yourself and make yourself more appealing. Now comes the fun part, that is, re-organize your wardrobe with all the perfect suits and matches for yourself! Add lots of new pieces of clothing, footwear, purses, and accessories. After having the perfect closet, you are ready to walk confidently every day, with the enhanced look!

6. Go with the Flow!

New fashion trends are popping up every single day. And to keep your looks and styles elevated and fresh, always try to follow the latest trends. This way, not only will you have a great fashion sense, but also the ability to keep up with the flow! Follow different social media influencers, magazines, fashion weeks and blogs like this to stay updated.

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Getting into fashion and improving your style is a fruitful journey filled with creativity. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, and find what truly resonates with you. By following the steps, you will become a fashion-savvy in no time! It’s your time to shine in the world of fashion.

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