Sexy Booty Shorts


Sexy booty shorts have been a thing since the 1950s. They are very short-legged kinds of shorts worn mostly by ladies. The reasons behind wearing sexy booty shorts are quite numerous. But a few of them do stand out. Women tend to put on booty shorts to show off their sexy bodies. Women love attention, which we clearly know. Women are wired to seek attention at whichever place they may be, hanging out with whoever it may be. Getting noticed is their thing. And so, they will literally put on any outfit to draw that attention at maximum. So long as the outfit is gorgeous and perfect for their body shapes.

sexy booty shorts 1
Sexy booty shorts

Society, as we all know, is full of critics. People who will judge your outfit whatsoever. And this begs the question of whether putting on booty shorts is right. Well, in my opinion, I would say that shorts are acceptable if you get them right. For a casual environment, for instance, they should not be too baggy and above the knee. Also, shouldn’t have any cargo pockets on them. Shorts are meant to look purposeful and intentional. Must fit properly for you to look good in it.

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Sexy booty shorts

Some people see booty shorts as only fit for festivals and ceremonies only. However, that is not the case, especially in this time and season of the 21st century in the year 2022. These shorts are accepted almost everywhere. During the day, you may dress them down with a pair of sandals and hi-tops. Then you may as well take them from day to night with a pair of wedges.

It is funny how other people confuse booty shorts for mom shorts. Okay, allow me to clarify the two, which are completely different. Mom shorts, also known as Bermuda shorts, do vary in length. They are often cut just above the knee and belted on the waist. Vogue is the company behind its evolution.

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Sexy booty shorts

What length is considered sexy booty shorts?

Short shorts cover the entire butt plus an inch or two, extending down to mid-thighs. Booty shorts cover less than the entire butt. This makes booty shorts a subset of short shorts.

Are dolphin shorts booty shorts?

Yes, they are. And they are very common among dancers, athletes, cheerleaders, and anyone else who’s active. These are the kind of shorts a lady goes for during those hot nights out. No wonder they are also referred to as hot pants.


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