Sexual Dissatisfaction

Sexual frustration is one of the most burning issues of human society today. Similarly, we most of the time are reluctant to discuss this very important problem that does exist in our societies. Western societies however are more bold and courageous as compared to Eastern societies. They quite often not only discuss this real issue but try to find out some viable solutions. Whereas, Eastern societies are not so daring to discuss this bitter existing reality. There are a number of restrictions and fears in Eastern societies. Those may include cultural, religious, and regional obstacles.

This is why Eastern societies hardly dare to discuss such an important question. Particularly, in Sub-continent this issue is very old and needs to be addressed immediately. Therefore in this blog article, we are going to discuss some real but dangerous consequences of this burning issue. In the last, we’ll address the most important question “does fashion help cope with sexual frustration?” Let’s now start reading.

Sexual Dissatisfaction

What is the Sexual Frustration?

Sexual frustration is a very broad term. It can be different and vary from individual to individual. However, sexual frustration or dissatisfaction generally means anything that is persistent and recurrent with sexual response, desire, orgasm, or pain. Additionally, sexual frustration is anything that distresses you or strains your relationship with your partner (husband/wife). On the other hand, in simple terms, it is termed medically as sexual dysfunction. So in simple words, sexual frustration is anything that comes in your way and keeps you away from sexual satisfaction.

Is Sexual Frustration Same in Men & Women?

Well, the answer to this question is certainly a big no. It significantly varies among men and women. As far as men are concerned, for them, it means a poor response or no response from their life partner (wife). Sometimes, due to dull vagina look and obese body shape also causes sexual frustration for men. As far as women are concerned, sexual dissatisfaction means poor sex performance by their life partner (husband).

Similarly, ignorance, low testosterone level, too small (less than 4 inches) or too large ( larger than 7 inches) dick size, dick’s erectile dysfunction, and early ejaculation by the partner. Moreover, research suggests that more than 50% of women are sexually dissatisfied due to a number of reasons.

Sexual Dissatisfaction

What Are the Social Impacts of Sexual Frustration?

Well, to be honest, sexual frustration has very negative impacts in all sorts of different human societies. Similarly, whether you observe Western or Eastern societies, you will almost find the same impacts. For instance, divorce is common in both societies. However, in Eastern societies, women suffer a lot as compared to Western societies. Additionally, women in our part of the world have very less or no choices at all. On the other hand, women face negative social impact and pseudo criticism throughout their lives.

Sexual Frustration

What do Doctors (Psychological Experts) Say About Sexual Frustration?

Well, I have personally asked this question from different experts. Similarly, I have done some background research as well. The crux of the opinion of experts and research reflects that sexual frustration has very negative psychological impacts. Additionally, it has equal negative impacts on both men and women. Depression, stress, anxiety, mental imbalance, confusion, and mental illness are some common psychological impacts. As per experts, women are very delicate and more sensitive as compared to men. they need attention, care, love, and sexual satisfaction which is their basic right.


Is sexual Frustion the Main Cause of Oppression on Eastern Women?

The answer to this question is certainly yes. It is absolutely true that sexual frustration eventually causes oppression on women, particularly in South Asia. South Asian societies are male dominant societies where women have hardly any choices as far as sexual satisfaction is concerned. Similarly, having a boyfriend and before marriage sex is considered a sin, offense, and crime.


Additionally, calling sexually frustrated women being ghost women is quite common in South Asia. However, it is slander, myth, and oppression which has nothing to do with reality. It is scientifically impossible that a ghost can enter inside a human body and even control his/her senses and soul. In fact, women are sexually denied and treated as just sex pieces and toys. Unfortunately, this type of oppression is quite common in different parts of the world.

Main Cause of Oppression on Eastern Women


Does Fashion Help Cope With Sexual Frustration?

This is the most important question and the answer to this question is certainly yes. Research suggests that fashion leaves positive impacts on the mood and psyche of women. On the other hand, fashion is an excellent alternate for sexually frustrated and depressed women. Fashion makes women happy, contended, engaged, busy, and a source of expressing feelings, emotions, and egos. Thus fashion gives sexually frustrated women great comfort and keeps them mentally relaxed.

Sexual frustrated women

Happy Models

Actually, sex is the need of every single human body. It is a type of hunger, emotional excitement, and psychological satisfaction when gets fulfilled. Fashion offers psychological or mental satisfaction in this regard. Similarly, sexual frustration is its reaction when our hunger and need don’t get fulfilled. We need to understand it. It is a fact and reality that needs to be addressed. It can be temporary as well as permanent. It is a disease that needs to be cured actually. Last but not least, both men and women must have the choice to change their life partners if they are sexually frustrated.

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