Sexy Lingerie & Valentine’s Day

Red dominatrix lingerie
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Sexy Lingerie & Valentine’s Day! The pandemic has definitely changed the way that people have sex. According to USA Today, 19% said they were having less sex than they did before the pandemic, while 35% reported no change and 46% reported having more sex. Alternatively, one thing remains consistent, as Valentine’s Day approaches, without a doubt that “sexy time” will be on almost everyone’s minds. However, with such busy schedules, it is sometimes difficult for women to find time to ponder on ways to be more creative in the bedroom. Moreover, some couples may be like the 19% who have lost the zeal for sex during this pandemic. Luckily, new styles in lingerie can be an easy fix to this problem! In this article, I have categorized a few of my favorite lingerie pieces that are sure to put you in the mood!

Valentine’s Day Dominatrix-inspired Lingerie

According to a study conducted by Concordia University in Montreal, it was concluded that men may associate clothing textures with excitement, imminent pleasure and sex. Sexy lingerie triggers a desire response, an automated excitement, and anticipation for sex. Because of this scientific explanation, it stands to reason that if you pair specific pieces of lingerie with specific acts of sex, your lover will learn to respond positively every time. That’s why Dominatrix-inspired lingerie is one of my favorite types. It is such a unique piece of lingerie used for specific activities! One that is sure to get your partner excited.

Dominatrix sexy lingerie for women Dominatrix sexy lingerie for women

Valentine’s Day Lace Lingerie

Another favorite of mine is Lace lingerie. Lace lingerie provides the right amount of elegance but still keeps things spicy! They are fantastic for romantic foreplay because they enhance the visual sensations your partner will have while giving you pleasure. Sexy lingerie complements arousal. I highly recommend that women incorporate this type of lingerie into their everyday bedtime routine.
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Valentine’s Day “Strap” Lingerie

Lastly, I recommend strap lingerie if you are trying to get an immediate response from your partner. Men are much more visual than women, which is why this type of thing works. All the lingerie mentioned in today’s article is from Strabella Fashionista International. Thanks for reading my article- Sex Lingerie & Valentine’s Day 😉
strap lingerie sexy lingerie valentine's day lingerie 2022 sexy valentine's day lingerie 2022 lingerie 2022
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Written by Alejandra Mora.

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