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Fit and healthy. Fat and healthy. These are two different things if I’m not wrong. But these are also two right things.

Clothes are your second skin. But there’s always a layer called judgment between your own skin and the one that’s visible to the outside world.

I’d always shied away from wearing any sorts of bottoms other than harem pants or palazzos. Because they don’t reveal the exact body shape. Hence, insecurity is satisfied. This went on for a couple of years. I wouldn’t wear jeans at all. I’d feel fat and embarrassed. When I sat, my legs would bulge.

I had also not wanted to attend any gatherings or evens because I was worried to wear certain kinds of outfits, especially South Indian. Since our sarees subtly show off our stomach areas.

This also led my peers into believing that I had no fashion sense at all. I wouldn’t blame them because I used to wear oversized shirts with loose-fit pants. Yes, I had done some very non-sensical things. It was all a cry for help. But I don’t think I regret any of those things.

Because it all led up to my finally being okay with myself. Being okay with whatever I wear, until I’m comfortable. A small voice inside my head goes, “Don’t let fashion rule you, do the opposite.”

So what if you have thick thighs? Or a stomach that folds? Wear a halter neck top even though you have a bouncy bosom. I think Gloria Delgado Pritchett from Modern Family is inspiration enough. It’s not wrong to wear a mini-skirt when you have a “healthy” body. No, people, it’s not wrong.

NOTHING is wrong until you feel good and vibe with yourself. Having excessive body fat shouldn’t stop you from being the icon that you are.


Wear whatever you want, you’re the show-stopper after all.

Don’t let, “Oh God, that looks so odd” or “I don’t think this color shirt goes with your skin” change your shopping list.

It takes work to be comfortable in your own skin sometimes, but believe me, once you do, you’ll also become a fashion blogger. Of sorts :).

I’m not saying fashion is everything. But making a point that fashion will help you come to terms with your own self.

Be happy, be comfortable, and style yourself up the way you love.

Rule your closet, and move on to rule your life.

Because like I said, FASHION IS YOU!

By Rithika

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