Ruby vs. Other Gemstones: Why Choose a Ruby Necklace

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Gemstones have held a special place in human culture for centuries, valued for their rarity, beauty, and symbolism. There is an array of options in front of us to consider, from dazzling diamonds and verdant emeralds to mystical alexandrites and captivating sapphires. However, one gemstone that stands out in elegance and significance is the ruby.

Ruby jewelry enjoys popularity due to its vibrant red color and durability. From earrings and bracelets to pendants and rings, you can find stunning pieces in various styles. Among the different jewelry pieces, ruby necklaces are quite cherished. If you feel drawn to the allure of rubies, this article is just for you! Let’s step into the vibrant world of rubies and learn why choosing a ruby necklace is timeless and meaningful!

Ruby Gemstone


Ruby Gemstone
ruby gemstone

Ruby, also known as the King of Gems, is a precious stone that belongs to the corundum mineral family. This beautiful gemstone exhibits various shades of red, ranging from deep crimson to lovely orangish and pinkish red hues. The secret behind its captivating color lies in the presence of chromium within the gem. It’s what gives ruby its irresistible and alluring red glow.

What Makes Ruby Necklaces a Great Choice?

The Color of Love

The most striking feature of rubies is their rich red color. This vibrant hue symbolizes love and passion, making it a popular choice for romantic occasions. Whether it is your anniversary, your beloved’s birthday, or you simply want to surprise her with a gift to express love, a ruby necklace perfectly captures the essence of these emotions like no other gemstone can!

ruby necklace
ruby necklace


A Durable Choice

When it comes to picking gemstone jewelry, durability is a key factor to keep in mind. Lucky for you! Rubies shine in this department, as they have an incredible score of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, right after diamonds. So, not only does a ruby necklace look stunning, but it is also tough enough to handle everyday wear and tear and can last for years. By looking after it properly, your ruby necklace can be cherished and passed down through generations without losing its sparkle. It is truly a worthwhile investment in both beauty and sentimental value!

Deep Symbolism

A ruby necklace is not just a piece of jewelry, it is a symbol of profound emotions. The rich red hue of rubies embodies love, passion, and commitment. The gem’s remarkable durability reflects the enduring nature of the emotions it signifies, making it an ideal choice for significant milestones and lasting commitments.

Beyond its symbolism of love and passion, ruby’s vibrant color also represents vitality and energy. Moreover, as ruby is one of the favorite gemstones of royals, it has been associated with wealth and prosperity.

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The Power of Versatility

Ruby necklaces are known for their remarkable versatility in design. From timeless solitaire pendants to an elaborate vintage-inspired beauty or a modern design with a sparkling halo of diamond accents, there is a ruby necklace perfectly tailored to match your unique style. The stunning ruby gemstone effortlessly complements different metal settings, from platinum and white gold to yellow gold and rose gold.

Ruby necklaces
ruby necklaces

With such incredible adaptability, you can easily find a ruby necklace that resonates with your taste and style, allowing you to embrace a piece of jewelry that is exclusively yours!


While there are many beautiful gemstones to choose from, ruby stands out the most as the symbol of love, strength, passion, and timeless beauty. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or want to treat yourself, you can never go wrong with a ruby necklace. Are you looking for your sparkling necklace? You can find breathtaking ruby necklaces for sale at GemsNY!

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