Ruby Engagement Rings: Expressing Love with Our Favourite Gemstone

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You can express your eternal love to your significant other in many ways; there is no end to that. Giving flowers, going on dinner, and movie dates are some of the best ways to show your love to her. But expressing your true feelings with a beautiful piece of gemstone ring is magic.

Let me tell you, ruby is one of the gemstones which has its own charm and can best convey your feelings to your partner. Ruby is associated with love, passion, and devotion, making it a perfect stone for an engagement ring when it comes to showing your endless love to your partner. The intense red of ruby quickly makes you fall in love with its magical appearance.

The beautiful red ruby becomes more appealing when set in a gorgeous ring setting. You don’t have to decorate your ring extensively with other stones because ruby is alone enough to spread the magic and make your partner’s eyes shine.

Now it’s time to get started with some of the most beautiful ruby engagement rings option that can convey your deep love to your lady.

Ruby Engagement Rings: Solitaire Ring


Ruby Engagement Rings: Solitaire
a solitaire engagement ruby ring

When it comes to selecting an engagement ring setting, solitaire always wins the race. The solitaire ring setting draws all attention to the center stone and creates a lasting impression. Ruby solitaire engagement ring is the one that will surely make your engagement bright and remarkable.

Make sure that you select a perfect stone shape and size to complement the outfit of your woman and make her finger look beautiful.

Ruby Engagement Rings: Halo Ring


Ruby Engagement Rings: Halo
a ruby engagement halo ring

If your woman loves a ring that has more sparkle and brilliance to offer, then a halo ring is the one that will go well with her personality and elevate her beauty. Design a gorgeous halo ruby engagement ring for your partner to show her how much she means to you. The surrounding diamonds play a significant role in providing extra sparkle to the center stone and making the stone appear big.

Want a celebrity touch to your ruby engagement ring? Design it in Katy Perry’s halo floral engagement ring style. The floral design in the halo ring will look exceptionally bewitching on her finger.

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Two-stone Ring

If you want to pair your ruby ring with some other stone, then a two-stone ring is the perfect choice for you. The two-stone ring is widely popular among couples, especially when it comes to expressing eternal love for each other.

Well, there are many gemstone options you can pair your two-stone ruby engagement ring with. But the diamond is one of the stones which can profoundly escalate the appearance of the ring. While the ruby will be the main attraction in the ring, the diamond will add an extra layer of glamour to the ring.

Three-stone Ring

Want to make your ruby engagement ring look big? Choose a three-stone ring setting that will make your ring look remarkably beautiful. The side stones placed on either side of the center stone will create an illusion where the center stone will appear bigger than its usual size.

You can place any gemstone of your choice as side stones to make your ring exceptional. But placing a diamond on both sides of the center stone will provide incredible brilliance to the center stone. If you want to add more glamor to your ruby engagement ring and make it eye-catching, select rose gold metal and give a touch of uniqueness to your ring.

Announce your never dying love for her with a magical ruby engagement ring. So, when you slide the ring through her finger, you will not just give her a mere ring; instead, you give her a promise to never leave her alone in any situation. GemsNY is here to help you select the best ruby engagement ring that will make her fall for you again. Choose the color that holds importance in the life of your loved one and make her a promise for life.


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