Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36

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Rolex has been associated with elegance, sophistication, and unmatched precision for more than a century. And the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 continues that legacy. Rolex is recognized as one of the most famous watch brands in the world and has become an undisputed icon in the field of horology. Rolex has continuously advanced watchmaking since its founding in 1905 by fusing fine workmanship with cutting-edge technology. Each watch bearing the Rolex name gives witness to the company’s everlasting dedication to excellence and innovation.

 Rolex’s new Oyster Perpetual 36:

A stunning timepiece that captures the spirit of the Rolex brand is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36. This watch has elevated to real icon status in the horological community because to its timeless style and cutting-edge functions.

The brand-new Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 features five vibrant dials that stand for something that isn’t typically immediately connected with the company: fun. No need to fear if you think Rolex has either (a) gone insane or (b) decided to suddenly go after the youth vote. As the globe began to turn rainbow-colored in the early 1970s, the brand’s so-called “Stella” dials—poppies, hard enamel designs—appeared on its Day-Dates. As a result, they are now highly sought-after. These vibrant designs provide a refreshing point of difference for anyone who finds Rolex’s more conventional line-up a little too conventional since watches at 36mm have a wide appeal.

For the steel casings of their watches, Rolex employs Oystersteel. Oystersteel, which was specially created by the company, is an alloy from the 904L steel family, which is frequently used in high-tech, aerospace, and chemical industries, where optimum corrosion resistance is crucial.

The extraordinary internal knowledge at Rolex, where sophisticated technology coexists with craftsmanship, is responsible for the bold, vivid tone. To prevent dust and other contamination, the hues developed for the Oyster Perpetual range must be carefully applied in a controlled atmosphere.Six layers of lacquer are applied to the brass dial base plate to create a regular, homogeneous surface. To maximise colour depth and brilliance, varnishing and polishing are the final steps. The hour markers and crown are then manually riveted after the numerous inscriptions have been pad printed. At the watch assembly stage, the dial, shining in all of its perfection, is prepared go atop the movement.

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Oystersteel is incredibly resilient, once polished, produces a superb finish, and keeps its attractiveness even under the roughest conditions.

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Model case: Oyster, 36 mm, Oystersteel

Oyster architecture: Monobloc middle case, screw-down case back and winding crown

Diameter: 36 mm

Winding crown: Screw-down, Twin lock double waterproofness system

Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire

Water resistance: Waterproof to 100 meters / 330 feet

Power reserve: Approximately 70 hours

Bracelet: Oyster, three-piece solid links

Certification: Superlative Chronometer (COSC + Rolex certification after casing)


 How much is a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 mm Rolex?

The cost of a Rolex Oyster, 36 mm, might differ depending on a number of variables, including the model, the materials, and market conditions. I don’t have real-time access to current market prices because I’m an AI language model. For the most recent and accurate pricing information, it is advisable to speak with an authorized Rolex store or check the company’s website. The pricing range for the Oyster, 36 mm Rolex model you’re interested in right now will be available from them.

How thick is the 36mm Oyster Perpetual?

The 36mm Oyster Perpetual from Rolex is approximately 11.7 to 12.1 millimeters thick.

How much gold is in a Rolex 36mm?

The amount of gold in a 36mm Rolex watch can vary depending on the specific model and design. Rolex offers various options in terms of materials, including solid gold, two-tone (gold and stainless steel), and stainless steel.

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