Rock a New Shoe Lacing Technique!

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Compliment Your Brand Name Sneakers and Lace-Up Shoes!

It’s funny,  that we always hear our parents say,  “you need to learn to tie your shoelace!” and I’m quite certain that, most of us, learnt only one or two basic ways to actually lace our shoes. But, is it the same thing? We simply understood that command to “tie our shoe laces”, to mean, we must make a bow with the shoe laces. What we didnt really learn, were the many cool ways to actually “lace our shoes”! Here is a cool new shoe lacing technique.


The Basic Shoe Lacing Techniques

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This is the basic shoelacing technique that we have learnt since childhood. Now we understand that there are many interesting and creative ways to lace our pair of shoes, it doesn’t have to be plain and unnoticed.

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Dress Shoes, such as this one, can also be laced with style, but if hidden under pants or skirts, the lacing technique used, may not make so much of a difference to the person wearing it and to the person noticing it.

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You Rock! So Give Your Shoe Lacing, a makeover.

Although these lacing techniques and styles may demand your time, and in some cases, additional laces, it can be very cool and trendy. It’s casual and when noticed, it can inspire others to try it out. Fancy shoe lacing techniques, require interests, patience and implementation depends mostly on the generation that you, the wearer, belong to. In many cases, the millenials and generation Y, may start the trend. They may also be the ones to put in the extra effort required, as sneakers may be their chosen footwear for almost any occasion. The use of brand named sneakers, may also encourage them to indulge in trying out new and fashionable shoe lacing hacks, to model to their peers and to compliment their chosen brand.

The generation Xers and Baby Boomers, may not have the same desire to use these techniques, as they may not see it as a necessary effort. The use of sneakers, may not be a fashion statement for this generation. However, the comfort of this footwear, is preferred by a portion, especially for walking, jogging, running and going to the gym. So, ditch the basic and find a technique that suits and compliments, your feet.


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