Riyadh Fashion Week Day 1 Kicks Off in Style!

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Riyadh Fashion Week: Day 1 Sets the Stage for Glamour

In a dazzling tribute to the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature at night, Saudi-born couturier Mohammed Ashi made history as the first designer to showcase his creations at the inaugural Riyadh Fashion Week. The event kicked off with great pomp and splendor at the King Abdullah Financial District, drawing the attention of regional celebrities, industry insiders, and the global fashion community.


Hosted by the Saudi Fashion Commission, Riyadh Fashion Week held a special significance for Ashi, marking his return to his hometown as he presented his latest collection. Titled “8pm,” the collection served as an artistic homage to the desert at night, skillfully capturing the transient radiance of twinkling stars and moonlit sand dunes. Ashi weaved this natural beauty into a lavish array of eveningwear ensembles, celebrating the art of grand soir dressing and special occasion attire with a resplendent display of opulence and elegance.

This momentous occasion brought Mohammed Ashi into the annals of fashion history as the first Saudi designer to attain haute couture status. As a prominent figure in the Saudi fashion scene, his return to Saudi Arabia for Riyadh Fashion Week was a remarkable homecoming that elicited admiration from fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Burak Çakmak, the CEO of the Saudi Fashion Commission, expressed the honor of inviting Ashi back to Saudi Arabia during this pivotal moment in time. “Mohammed Ashi has already made history as the first Saudi designer to join the ranks of haute couture,” Çakmak stated. His words underscored the significance of Ashi’s contributions to the fashion world and the pride felt by the Saudi fashion community in having him participate in Riyadh Fashion Week.

Mohammad Ashi

From Riyadh to Paris: Mohammed Ashi’s Journey in Haute Couture

Mohammed Ashi’s creative genius and design prowess have not only solidified his place in the fashion industry but have also earned him a prestigious clientele. His designs have graced the forms of notable royals and international celebrities, including luminaries like Beyoncé, Deepika Padukone, Zendaya, Queen Rania, and Cardi B. This star-studded list attests to his talent and the universal appeal of his creations.

Ashi’s journey to the upper echelons of the fashion world was marked by his remarkable achievement as the first Saudi designer to be featured on the Paris Haute Couture Week calendar. His official acceptance into the esteemed Federation de la Haute Couture in Paris was a testament to his dedication and innovation in the realm of fashion. This achievement elevated not only his personal brand but also brought attention to the burgeoning fashion scene in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Designer Mohammed Ashi Illuminates Riyadh Fashion Week with ‘8pm’ Collection

In presenting his “8pm” collection at Riyadh Fashion Week, Mohammed Ashi transported the audience to the enchanting world of the desert at night. The collection drew inspiration from the celestial display of twinkling stars and the ethereal glow of moonlight on the sand dunes. Ashi’s ability to transform these natural wonders into a collection of eveningwear ensembles was nothing short of magical.

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Each piece in the “8pm” collection exuded opulence and elegance, bearing the hallmark of Ashi’s meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. The designs were a dazzling reflection of the grand soir dressing, encapsulating the essence of special occasion attire. It was a testament to Ashi’s artistry and his ability to marry the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia with a contemporary and global perspective on fashion.


Riyadh Fashion Week, hosted by the Saudi Fashion Commission, served as a platform for not only showcasing the creative talents of designers like Mohammed Ashi but also for promoting the burgeoning fashion industry in Saudi Arabia. The event acted as a catalyst, drawing the attention of the global fashion community and positioning Riyadh as a rising fashion capital in the Middle East.


The event was a fusion of tradition and modernity, a showcase of innovation and creativity, and an opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to explore the diverse fashion landscape of the region. Riyadh Fashion Week was a testament to the dynamic and evolving fashion scene in Saudi Arabia, offering a glimpse into the country’s rich cultural tapestry and the contemporary fashion trends emerging from its midst.

Fashion’s Finest

In conclusion, Mohammed Ashi’s historic participation in Riyadh Fashion Week and his “8pm” collection were emblematic of the transformative power of fashion. They demonstrated the ability of a single designer to bridge cultures, celebrate natural beauty, and elevate an entire nation’s standing in the global fashion industry. Riyadh Fashion Week, with Ashi’s collection as its crowning jewel, left an indelible mark on the fashion world, underlining the potential and promise of the Saudi fashion scene. This event was more than a celebration of fashion; it was a celebration of culture, art, and the timeless allure of the desert at night.

-Images from Riyadh Fashion Week Official & AshiStudios.

By Siddie F. Kay

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