Rituals and Methods of Wearing Blue Sapphire

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Blue Sapphire is a beautiful stone with different shades of blue hue and sparkle. This stone is very popular because of its dark blue color and the different shades it comes in. Also, the crystal-like appearance of this stone makes it a popular choice for making ornaments, jewelry, and decorative items.

However, this stone is one of the Navratans. In astrology, the Navratans are mentioned as the nine most powerful gemstones in the world. The properties of these stones make them most powerful and dynamic.

Blue Sapphire stone, known as ‘Neelam’ also has a lot of properties which provide many advantages to the person who wears it.

Since the blue sapphire stone contains a lot of energy, it can have both a negative and positive impact on the person who will wear this stone. This highly depends on the suitability of the gemstone with the birth chart of the individual. And also with the Vedic Pooja of the stone. The stone has to be energized properly by following the proper Vedic ritual.

How to Activate the Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

You can activate your blue sapphire gemstone by performing the Vedic pooja at home by yourself. Or you can ask a Pundit to do it for you at your home or in a temple. However, before wearing a stone, it is crucial to take proper advice from an expert. Consulting an astrologer will help you with the Pooja Samgri and the method. Also, you should ask your Pandit what cut and form of stone you should be wearing along with the weight of the stone.

Who Can Wear the Blue Sapphire Stone?

The ruling planet for the Blue Sapphire gemstone is Saturn, also known as Shani. This astrological planet affects and makes an impact on the wearer’s life through this stone. Wearing a Blue Sapphire gemstone will provide you with the abilities and positive attitudes of Saturn.

Also, anyone with the negative effects of Saturn/Shani in their Kundli has to wear an original Blue Sapphire Gemstone. The energy of the stone will remove all the harmful or negative effects of Saturn from your life.


Best Day & Time to Wear a Blue Sapphire Stone

The best day to wear a natural Neelam stone is a Saturday. And the best time would be the early hours of the morning between 04:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m.

Which Metal to Wear the Blue Sapphire In?

The maximum benefits of the blue sapphire gemstone are seen when it is worn in gold or silver.

In What Form Can Blue Sapphire Stone Be Worn?

The gemstones like an original Neelam stone are highly powerful but to consume their positiveness you have to wear it in such a way that a part of it is always in contact with you. Hence, you can wear your blue sapphire gemstone as a ring or in the form of a pendant or a bracelet. Most people prefer to wear this gemstone as a ring. Even many people are seen wearing a blue sapphire stone engagement ring.

Which Finger to Wear the Blue Sapphire Stone?

Middle finger. Men can wear it on the middle finger of their right hand or working hand. And women can wear it as per their preference in either of their hands.

Purification Method for the Neelam Gemstone

You can use Gangajal Or Panchamrit to purify your Blue Sapphire Gemstone.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Vedic Pooja Process

Follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned below:-

  • wake up early
  • take a bath and wear fresh clothes
  • complete your daily prayers
  • purify your stone
  • sit in your temple with your stone
  • take a worshipping position
  • chant the mantra of the Blue Sapphire gemstone 108 times
  • wear it at the end recitation.

Blue Sapphire Stone Mantra

|| Om Sham Shanish-charaaye Namah ||

To Sum Up

The energy of the blue sapphire gemstone will make you strong and optimistic. It will boost your mental and physical health. It will help you lead a good life by enhancing your joy and confidence. Also, the stone will bring you calmness, success, luck, and prosperity.

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