Rihanna is a Fashion Icon Even in Pregnancy

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Rihanna’s outfit when announcing her pregnancy to the world was a statement and iconic in its own right. And as her pregnancy progresses, she continues to show people what she is all about through her fashion.

Rihanna being fresh and unexpected

I have to admit that one of the things that excited me about Rihanna’s pregnancy news is the outfit she wore while subtly announcing it. The first thing I thought when I saw the outfit was “Woow Riri, you really know how to make a statement.” I love how she wears anything she wants with so much confidence showing just how much she loves herself and her body.


Rihanna has used fashion to express herself and influence beyond just the fashion industry

For me fashion is about inventing new and unexpected things, wearing the best you can, and still being comfortable in it so you can show the world who you are through fashion. Rihanna has always embodied this definition of fashion, whether in makeup or in outfits because every time she comes out, it is easy to see that she is enjoying herself in whatever she is wearing.


Many women are not confident about their bodies during pregnancies and would usually cover up their bodies even after birth because of the changes that happen. When they decide to show off their bellies, it is only in the professional photoshoot photos that have been carefully selected after editing. However, Rihanna has confidently used fashion to show women everywhere that it is okay to still love their bodies and feel empowered by them.

She has made showing skin at one of the most vulnerable moments for women into a street style that I think a lot of women will follow in the future. Rihanna is a fashion icon because she uses her fashion to show the world who she is, to empower, to enhance her confidence, and to influence.




Always be who you are and don’t be afraid to use fashion to show other people who you are because it is one of the best things an individual can do. It takes confidence and risk-taking to be one of the world’s fashion icons. However, the number one rule of fashion is being comfortable with anything you put on.

By Brender Donna

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