Right Bangles With Right Outfits

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Bangles are traditional jewelry and a most important part of sixteen Srinagar, always worn by Indian women at every moment and with every outfit whether it’s a saree or suit. Bangles are the symbol of womanhood, motherhood, and feminity. Women continuously wear bangles from ancient fashion and this fashion is still even after so much development.



Here, I am going to share some tips for wearing the right bangles with the right outfit. I hope, you will get some ideas and will enjoy them.

1. Glass Bangles

Glass Bangles

Glass Bangles are a very unique and popular bangle type mostly wearing non-metal after gold and silver, because, they feel the real voice of bangles. Women generally wear glass Bangles with their saree.

2. Gold and Silver Bangles

Gold and Silver Bangles

Gold and silver is the symbol of the God Lakshmi. Normally, it’s worn by every bridal and a new married woman. Although, women always wear one or more gold or silver because it’s the sign of her sindoor. Gold or silver bangles look aesthetic with banarasi, Bengali, and Gujarati saree, and heavy hair bun.

3. Non- Silver Bangles

Summer Dresses
Non- Silver Bangles

Non-Silver bangles are in trend and mostly worn by girls in one or Both hands with any outfit like kurti, skirt, or salwar, and girls wear lehenga. It looks beautiful when we wear a number of bangles in one hand and a watch in another hand.

4. Single or single Large Bangle

Single or single Large Bangle

Single bangles mostly wear by outer working women, while the single Large Bangle fashion is common everywhere. It looks good when we wear a saree and big gold or silver or other metal-made bangles also with a kurti, suit, and frock.

5. Matching Bangles

The dress that you wear, is to be simple but long so it demands matching Bangles. For instance; a plain white gown or frock will look trendy with the number of white bangles same with black and other colors.

6. Fancy Bangles

Generally, fancy Bangles make new sense on any occasion. It’s not looking good in everyday work, the first reason is that these kinds of things occur more unique and they can be damaged in contact with water, fire and so on, The second thing is, fancy Bangles look heavier, we can’t manage them in daily life.

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