Richa Chadha Has Gotten 5 Fashioners For Her Wedding Trousseau

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Richa Chadha is said to be having 5 different designers designing for her including an international label. The designer who is doing her wedding trousseau is also a big hit in Bollywood, which includes the actors in her shows and films.

She is often called a ‘Hollywood style’ designer and her clients include Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Aditi Rao, Sara Ali Khan, and many more.

There are some people who hate her designs and others who love them. We had a look at the trends that come with her fashion and what a designer needs to know when they have to work with her.

Richa Chadha fashion dresses

Top 5 fashion designers Richa Chadha has chosen for her wedding

Here are the names of designers she has chosen for her wedding:

#1 Laila Kalidas

Richa Chadha is a true Laila. This name is not new to her and it can be said that she will never change it. She was seen wearing this white Laila Kalidas dress from the designer’s New York collection in Mumbai.

 The dress is inspired by Laila’s character in The Legend of Laila Majnu. It is made of pure cotton with pleats.

 Her hair was also designed by her stylist and the result is stunning. There are braids in her hair that go up to the chin, and we have a shortcut on her side.

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 It also has metallic detailing on the side with a chain hanging from the back of the neck.

#2 Shree Narayan

Shree Narayan’s designer suit was the highlight of the fashion-wear in today’s biggish wedding. The suit is made of light grey silk with pink lining and a white shirt. It has a black jacket to match the suit. The suit came with matching high heels and a handbag.

 The designer had not released the dress yet, but the website claims that it was inspired by “The Life of Pi”.

Richa Chadha fashion dresses 2

#3 Shree Oberoi

Richa Chadha took a cue from the great Indian heritage. The designer wore a traditional sari for her wedding ceremony. The designer’s name is Shree Oberoi and she specializes in designing Indian bridal wear. The designer had designed much bridal wear for the biggish weddings. This designer is popular for her work of customizing bridal wear and also for designing wedding bands and jewelry.

 The design of the dress was inspired by a wedding sari designed by Jashwantrao Chavan. It is a mix of green, white, and pink.

#4 Prateek Rajlakshmi

Prateek Rajlakshmi is another designer that the actress had chosen for her wedding. The designer’s work is known to be unique and artistic. The designer specializes in a wide variety of wedding wear.

 She is also known for fashion for men and has won many awards for men’s fashion. The designer had created a unique outfit for the wedding which will be a treat to watch. The designer chose a yellow and pink suit for the actress.


#5 Nachiket Barve

The last designer that the bride chose for her wedding was Nachiket Barve. This is the name of an artist who lives in Ahmedabad.

 This designer is well-known for designing sarees and salwar kameez and his work is very trendy. The designer chose a saree with red, black, and cream patterns for the actress.

This wedding dress has been designed by Nachiket Barve. The design of the dress is very stunning and is similar to the designer’s other collection. The color of the dress was black with some brown. It also has a white pattern with a bit of sparkle at the bottom.

 The design of the jacket is an open one and is very similar to the designer’s sari jacket. The top of the jacket had a pattern with a lace motif.

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