Revealing Celebrities Who Wore the Sexy Little Black Dress Best

sexy Little Black Dress
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A little black dress is one of the compulsory outfits in any lady’s wardrobe. Commonly known as LBD, the little black dress has survived the challenges of fashion and has emerged to be one of the most versatile pieces of fashion ever. It has truly stood the test of time as a versatile cloth that can be dressed up and down. Additionally, it is a perfect choice for any occasion. Over the years, many celebrities have donned the little black dress but there are very few who have truly worn it best. With me here is a list of the celebrities who have worn it best. Take a look:

1. Audrey Hepburn: Little Black Dress

She is a famous fashion icon and her little black dress has made her famous as it is rated as the most famous little black dress of all time. The dress was designed by Hubert de Givenchy and features a full skirt. She accessorized the black dress with a sexy pearl necklace and some black gloves.

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2. Rihanna:

She is known by many for her bold fashion choices. The sexy little black dress was worn at the 2o12 grammy awards and was designed by Armani. It featured a high neckline and a plunging back. It was a simple yet sexy and timeless dress.

Celebrities Who Wore the Little Black Dress Best

3. Elizabeth Hurley: Little Black Dress

She wore the little black Versace dress during the premiere of the four weddings and a funeral in 1994. Elizabeth had no idea that the dress would become one of the most iconic ones in the 90s. She accessorized it with minimal jewelry.

Elizabeth Hurley: Little Black Dress

4. Victoria Beckham:

She is one of the most iconic fashion giants ever. She has become a style icon in her own right. Victoria wore the famous little back dress during the British Fashion Awards in 2015 and it became one of her most famous signature designs. Here is what the dress looked like.

sexy Little Black Dress

5. Jennifer Aniston: Little Black Dress

Jennifer has managed to build herself a name among the best of the best. Her little black dress made her famous especially in the year 2000 during the Emmy Awards. The dress was designed by Richard Tyler. She completed the dress with very minimal jewelry, making the dress one of the best in the event.


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