4 REM Beauty Palettes of Ariana Grande

REM Beauty by Ariana Grande
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Specifically, REM Beauty has launched by Ariana Grande. Perfectly, Ariana’s REM Beauty is beyond limits and makes a girl able to have dreams fearlessly. Personally, I feel I am the owner of all creativity after having REM Beauty makeup. Ideally, REM Beauty products are happily blendable and you have flawless skin ultimately.

Surprisingly, R.E.M has meaning Rapid Eye Movement sleep. Progressively, Ariana Grande (the singer) also has mentioned it in her songs. Inspiringly, Ariana Grande has elevated her brand in her songs as well.

#REM Beauty by Ariana Grande

REM Beauty by Ariana Grande 01
Presently, Ariana Grande’s Brand REM Beauty Makeup Products.

R.E.M Beauty

Comparatively, REM Beauty products have more affordable prices than many other brands. It should be noticed, Ariana Grande’s REM Beauty brand has four min-night eye shadow palettes with six shades in each palette. Honestly, we can say that REM Beauty has complete colors of eye shadow collectively in these palettes.

First, Mid-Night Eye Shadow Palette with 6 Colors of REM Beauty by Ariana Grande

Indeed, Ariana’s REM Beauty products have included a mind night eye shadow palette that is more illuminating. Numberwisely, the colors this palette has included are Maroon, Dark Pink, Sea Green, Light Pink, Shiny Brown, and Light Skin.

REM Beauty by Ariana 06
Consequently, REM Beauty Mid-Night Eye Shades Cover all Colors in Different Palettes.

Another, Mid-Night Eye Shadow Palette with Other 6 Colors of REM Beauty by Ariana Grande

Besides, Ariana Grande’s other eye shadow palette has included other six colors. Including, this palette has Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Shiny Brownish-Skin, Light Purple, Shiny Skin, and Dark Skin.

REM Beauty by Ariana Grande 02
REM Beauty 6 Colors Palette by Ariana

Mid-Night Palate


Again, Mid-Night Eye Shadow Palette with Another Row of 6 Colors of REM Beauty Products

Questionably, here we have Ariana Grande’s third min-night eye shadow palette with the remaining 6 colors of eye shades. Furthermore, this palette has Shiny Black, Darkish Maroon, Shiny Dark Blue, Nude Pink, Shiny Nude Pink, and White colors.

REM Beauty by Ariana Grande 04
Fascinating 6-Colored Eye Shadow Palette of REM Beauty

Mid-Night 6 Colors Palate

Lastly, Mid Night Eye Shadow Palette’s Remained Colors in Ariana Grande’s R.E.M Beauty

Last but not least, Ariana Grande’s REM Beauty palette has the last remaining colors. In this, Black Shadow, Light Brown Shadow, Redish-Pink Shadow, Orengish-Skin Shadow, Shiny Light Redish Shadow, and Dark Tan Shadow are present.

REM Beauty by Ariana Grande 03
REM Beauty by Ariana Grande’s Another 6-Colored Palette

Mid-Night Eye Shadow Palate

Last, we can say that Ariana has a complete set and taste of colors. Manageably, she has arranged a good makeup linage in her mind-night palettes of REM beauty. Nevertheless, makeup is all about having colors and shades and Ariana Grande understands it.

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