Red: How to wear

how to wear red
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Red is the basic color that will always be in trend. Especially this time of year from Valentine’s Day until the beginning of spring, red is the star of the season. Clothes, accessories, and decorations are all red, usually in this appearance next to white or pink, but still when and how should we best wear red?

Red sweater

When should you wear red and when not

red two piece

Never for the first date, It could be too much.
At the gym. yes. It gives you energy and motivation.
In an interview. Never. The interviewer could feel intimidated.
At a business meeting. Yes, and know. It is a strong powerful color. So, it will show that you are the boss, but if it is a very formal meeting it might look a little bit unconventional.

In the club. It will show that you are available and want to party. in special if your outfit is also sexy or your dress is too short. So, it depends on what you are looking for.

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For a date but if you are already a couple. It shows your partner that you still want to keep the passion between you both alive.

red bag

Red. How to wear

Red dress

Use the tone of red according to your skin pigment.
Combine it with black, white, or neutral colors like grey or nude.
Use it only as an accent. Maybe just one big red accessory could be enough. A hat, a scarf, or your bag. It could be also the center of interest.


Red and green go together, They are complementary colors, but you should know that is a strong combination and is associated with the Christmas mood.

All red outfits are always well come, but you need also that attitude for them. So, if it’s a bad thy and you do not want to stand out, maybe it is not the best option.

Keep your balance when wearing red. For example, if your dress is too sexy or too short choose a pale shade of red. If you wear a simple shirt or sweater it could be a strong red.

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Red top
If you are attending a semi-formal event. For a presentation, a family dinner, a cocktail, etc. choose a dark shade of red. It is elegant and formal but it shows your attitude at the same time.
For ladies in their 60s or 70, a red shirt could be a good way to keep their young spirit and look alive.

Red lipstick makes you always stand out. And there is an unofficial rule that it matches everything, but you should know that red lips show power and sensuality. Therefore don’t wear them in a formal or spiritual event; like a church, a funeral, or an interview.

The benefits of wearing red

red outfit
Red means energy, confidence, passion, and power. It s a basic and masculine color. Therefore it is perfect when you need masculine energy.
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Also, it can boost instantly your self-confidence, Use it when you need energy but carefully it should not make you too aggressive.

Red is the color of the root chakra. The chakra of our basic needs, desires, and fears. So, red can help you heal your root chakra if you wear it on your lower body. Red skirts, pants, shoe socks, and even red manicures are perfect. You can apply this rule to your underwear if you think that red could be too much for you.


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