Red Alert: The History of the Red Dress in Fashion

history of the sexy red dress
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Red dress: The red dress is one of the most loved dresses that exist in the current fashion world. The dress has been a staple for centuries as it represents everything from passion and seduction to rebellion and immense power. Allow me to take you through the journey and the history of the red dress as well as explore its significance in the fashion world:

Origin of the Red Dress: Red dress

Its origin can be traced back to the days of ancient times when the colour red was associated with power, love and passion. In some of the traditional religions, colour red was also associated with danger and the use of dark magic. In ancient greek Mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of love was depicted as a woman wearing a red robe. This means that in ancient Greek, the colour red symbolised power, wealth and love.

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Meaning of Red Dress in the Middle Ages:

With time, the colour red changed and was now considered a symbol of sin and prostitution. It was often worn by women who had questionable reputations in society or were often referred to as prostitutes.  However, towards the end of the Middle age, the colour was regarded as a symbol of power and wealth and became a popular fashion among the rich and the mighty.

Significance of the Red Dress in the 18th and 19th century:

During this time, the red dress changed and was a symbol of rebellion and revolution.  Women of that time had begun to challenge traditional gender roles and were now demanding their rights and freedoms just like men. In fact in  France, the red dress was a popular choice among the women who wanted to express their political views.

ancient red dress in history of red dress

Meaning of the Red Dress in the Victorian Era: Red dress

During this time, the red dress became a symbol of sensuality and sexuality. It was used by the ladies to prove their provocative and alluring nature.

history of the sexy red dress

What the Red Dress Signified in the 20th Century:

It reflected the changing attitudes and values of society. At that time the red dress was worn by the high and the mighty as it was made of silk and satin and featured some great embroidery.

sexy red dress history

What it Means to Wear a Red Dress Today: Red dress

Today, the red dress remains to be a popular choice, especially on the red carpet as depicted by various celebrities. It signifies love, seduction, romance and female empowerment as well as immense strength.


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