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Amber Heard is an example that, beauty is something that is admired by everyone. I have always seen many beautiful people in my surroundings. I see it at my home, at school, at a coffee shop, and even on the internet. The fact is that beauty is everywhere. It’s not possible that everyone can see what I have seen. No one could be able to see everyone in this world. So I can be only able to convince you about what we all have seen on the internet.

Generally, we go through many beauty on the internet. Of course, everyone’s priority will be beauty, especially those who are working in the Beauty Industry. So, let’s talk about the beauty of Amber Heard and her (beauty) points of comparison. In fashion, perfection also keeps its aspect. In reality, everyone is beautiful in their way. But the question is who is the most beautiful woman/man in the world? Is there anyone who could be called as beautiful as all?

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Facial Testing

 If we want to find our answer we need to do a little bit of research on it. The same questions were popping into my mind so I did research. I`m very glad to tell you that my favorite person is the most beautiful in the world. I’ve so excited to know about the personalities having the most beautiful facial features i.e. lips, face symmetry, eyes, forehead, etc.

Yes, it is “Amber Heard” a beautiful American actress according to Facial Mapping Science. It is found that the Greek Golden Ratio of  Beauty known as Phi found an accuracy of 91.85 percent on her face. This has been approved by a cosmetic surgeon “Julian De Silva”. According to her ‘Golden Ratio Test’ it is proved that her face is so beautiful and very close to the Golden Ratio. 

Some reasons will explain it;

Face Golden Ratio

Actually ‘Golden Ratio’ is a test taken for the beauty of the face of a person. While, may or may not be it is proven for the beauty but the ‘Golden Ratio’ is a symmetrical term used by mathematicians. Well, for the sake of testing and beauty many such terms are used. so the beauty of Amber Heard’s face is based on such claims. They are proving her face beauty with the help of symmetrical shapes as it is just a point of comparison. But she has an original and symmetrical beauty as well which cannot be denied.

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Amber Heard Symmetrical Face Shape

As the symmetrical shapes are defining Amber’s face shape and beauty with 91 percent of accuracy. It is the knowledge of Facial Mapping Sciences so we are accepting such assumptions. The ‘Golden Ratio’ formula claims that he has a perfect proportion of face beauty.

De Silva take the test on her face and measured the distance between Amber’s face. Like her eyes and nose, lips forehead face, her facial features are proving her facial features were proved 92 percent perfectly aligned and beautiful. Golden Phi Ratio is the formula of the sign of beauty and perfection in all things. That helps to prove the perfection in things if we see them according to symmetry and the point of the Golden Phi Ratio.

According to Greek;

“The Greeks have discovered that the ratio occurs everywhere and everything in nature. For thousands of years, it has been holding the secret formula for the world’s most beautiful faces.”

This technology also appreciates other Hollywood celebrities. It is found that Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss also have the most perfect forehead, and Rihanna’s face is also the most beautiful. While Emily Ratajkowski has the most beautiful lips according to the Facial Mapping Science.

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By Marie Joseph

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