Rashapasha – Handcrafting Clothing Line Inspired by Ancient Egyptian Arts and Culture

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Egyptian people are one of the oldest civilizations in history. They have created amazing artistic traditions that date back to more than 3000 years ago, and their clothing showcased these wonderful designs. Here we will talk about Rashapasha.

We Wear Egyptian Art

When you think of hieroglyphics, what comes to mind? The amazing symbols that tell us stories of the ancient Egyptians, or just some words on your keyboard at work? Well, if you are anything like me when it is time for fashion choices, I prefer to wear my heart on my sleeve. A new clothing brand has popped up in today’s marketplace called Rashapasha, it features art-inspired clothing with cool hieroglyphics all over them.

Rashapashaa is the first independent Egyptian fashionable clothing brand. Rashapasha aims to revive Egypt’s handcrafting heritage through contemporary designs while creating fashionable yet culturally innovative wearable art.

Rasha Pasha is an Egyptian fashion designer who owns her own collection and creations. Her passion for following styles & repeating past trends can be spotted in the street, on runways, and even at award shows!


Rashapashaa has been in the fashion market for many years now. Its collection is getting more users due to its styling, cutting, and fabric used for making its garments. Inspired by the traditional art of Batik, which was used in ancient Egypt to decorate fabrics and clothing, Rashapasha has created an innovative line of trendy dresses that are handcrafted using age-old methods. Using high-quality fabrics, Boho-chic designs reflect the progression of time while retaining their cultural origin.

Fashion is what we choose to wear and how it helps us express ourselves. There will always be new trends in fashion and following popular fashion trends has become a hobby for many women. In this article, with Rasha Pasha Brand you can transform your wardrobe into a reflection of your personality.

Egyptian Designer Handicrafts offers exclusive collections of handcrafted items to their customers that are inspired by European trends yet rooted in eastern cultural heritage

Fashion is a never-ending trend. Everyone is always looking for new, unique, and different things in order to attract everyone’s attention. Some people like to follow fashion trends but others may choose what they want from staying away from the crowd. However, you should be aware of the latest fashion news and be up-to-date with it before you decide on your wardrobe for any occasion or event.

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Here I am going to share with you about all the series of Rashapasha coats they have launched recently.

Classic Coat – Bird of Paradise


The Art of Elegance– Masterpieces without boundaries

Since the time of kings and queens, black coat birds have been considered as a symbolic representation of royalty. Nowadays many think that these exotic creatures are only found in South Pacific Islands, but truthfully, they can also be spotted in certain parts of Africa.

The Birds of Paradise flower is an exotic symbol of beauty, grace, and vibrant colors. This gorgeous piece shows the true essence of carefree living because as long as you’ve got your loved ones by your side, then life is perfectly beautiful any way it may come! These coats from this brand rashapasha are not only designed to make you look great but also stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Classic Coat – Snake in Foliage


Rashapashaa – Pioneering a New Era in Egyptian Fashionable luxury Handcrafting

What is the most striking feature of this coat? No doubt it is its vibrant snake embossed pattern. This designer Classic Coat will give you a totally new look and make you feel very special.

This is a very special piece of clothing. It is a below-the-knee classic cut coat. It can be worn belted, or fastened with a decorative button at the neck, like movie stars in the fifties. You can wear it open for a more contemporary look. It is made of felt and is quite warm. But what is unique about it, is that every piece was hand-stitched in the Egyptian art of khyamiyya. Every piece is different and unique. Even the lining of each coat varies. It took a mastercraftsman 12 days of labor and love to finish your coat.

Trench Coat – Snake in Foliage


 Every enthusiast would always want to own an item that is fashionable as well as worth remembering. Women’s snake in foliage handcrafted trench coat can give them a perfect option to have their desire come out from the closet.

Trench Coat – All Eyes


Rashapasha 567

 The trench coat has been a staple for over one hundred years. Its timeless, classic, and stylish form is not only a reflection of elegant art but also symbolizes class, mystery, and high standards in fashion trends throughout the century.

Box Jacket – Bird in Love


Rashapasha 345
 It is made of felt and is quite warm. But what is unique about it, is that every piece was hand-stitched in the Egyptian art of khyamiyya. Every piece is different and unique. Even the lining of each coat varies. Only seasoned master craftsmen can produce this type of labor of skill and love.

The Jacket has an outstanding texture and a very detailed design. The color combination is what makes it stand out, the Bird on top stands for love, happiness, and freedom; the drawstrings represent faithfulness in today’s market, there are numerous jackets available for women. These jackets have to be much more than a design piece; they need to fulfill their purpose and compliment the person while they wear them. Different styles make different patterns in your personality, which is why you need to choose something that truly represents who you are inside out.


Tail Jacket – Heart of Mary


Rashapasha 123
It is a victorian cut jacket with puffed sleeves, a big collar, a thin waist, and a ruffle tail. The design is very feminine and sexy. It is made of felt and is quite warm. Each jacket has a variation of the Heart of Mary design inspired by South American folk art.  

Are you looking for something fancy, Sweet, and stylish? Then this Tail Jacket Heart of Mary cut jacket with puffed sleeves, a big collar’s thin waist, and a ruffled tail is what you are looking for. This trendy jacket of clothing does not only provide protection from cold weather but also makes an elegant style statement to add to your fashion wardrobe.

Denim Jacket


The jeans jacket doesn’t have to be plain and practical. It can still be what you grab to go but scream personality. Our jackets come in a variety of cuts: slim, oversized, and bumper. The design on the back is different applications: Dog, Mr. Cat, Tiger, or Floral and always with stones and trimmings. More fancy RP denim is hand-worked in the khiamiyya technique.  

The design on the back is different applications in various products, and this will create a variety of visual and emotional content for consumers. And it seems that each product has its own unique story to tell. Women’s clothing with a beautiful general appearance is also very popular and hot, especially some of the more eye-catching type that is particularly suitable for women with sexy figure. This collection of Rashapasha is designed to fit your body shape and vibrant colorful denim jacket, featuring an exclusive design on the back.

Fashion, clothing, and the designers behind them have had a long history that is almost inseparable from popular culture. Fashion has become an important aspect of our lives, though it might not be something we realize consciously. Even with our eyes closed, we know what’s in style because society has dictated to us how we should look when wearing clothes that complement this season’s trends. At first glance, you may think jackets are just as ordinary as any article of clothing but each one can tell a story

Fashion is a product of the rich and famous. The fashion designers who we consider to be at the peak of their field are always creating for celebrities and movie stars but what about us! How do we stay unique? Do you ever wonder why there’s not a new trend every day? Have you ever wondered how they come up with those trends in the first place? Following Fashion Trends with Rasha Pasha

you can find out some details here at

  https://www.rashapasha.com/ or via Social media @rashapashastudio

By Mohamed Sayed

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