Ranking Top 5 U.S Celebrity Makeup Brands

In the U.S many celebrities have launched celebrity makeup brands, especially female celebrities. As launching a brand is now-a-day fashion for highly famed and ranked celebrities. In many countries, many top-hit celebrities of that country launch their make-up, clothes, and other fashion-related things brands. Many of these brands are liked and loved and their products are fondly purchased by the people who love those celebs. Although all brand products are made up of good quality ingredients, people mostly fame these model’s brands according to the model, they like the most. This shows their love for that celebrity and their work, most importantly. So, according to brand products qualities, their fame, and the models who owned these brands, all brands are ranked on their different levels of liking and fame.

Let’s talk about the top 10 make-up brands of celebrities in the U.S which are world-widely liked the most;

1. Fenty Beauty Brand 

It’s the brand of Rihanna an American Singer. Rihanna is the founder, CEO, and owner of this brand. Its score is 67.15 out of 100. Her brand has a specification that there is a wide range of foundations called universal foundations useful to apply to every skin tone. Therefore, she keeps her brand a specific value which is; “Exclude no one

The slogan of Rihanna Brand is; ‘The new generation beauty’

I think it is a great value that touches a high rank of justice, either of every color or every standard person. Her brand description is;

“Make-up is there for you to play with. It’s there for you to have fun with. It should never feel like pressure, and it should never feel a uniform.”


Fenty Celebrity Makeup



2. Kylie Cosmetic Celebrity Makeup

It is launched by American model Kylie Jenner. It is founded by Kylie; it is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) brand. Its brand score is 67.05 out of 100. Anna von Bayern is the CEO of this brand. Spatz-Laboratories brought by Kylie’s father manufactures Kylie’s brand products. Formally this brand sells lip kits only now it is renamed Kylie Cosmetic as it sells Lip Kits and other Beauty cosmetics. The Kylie skin products include caffeine, vitamin E, and pomegranate extract to make skin fresh 24/7.

Its slogan is;

 “Clean, Even Makeup, and Skincare”


Kylee Celebrity Makeup


3. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Celebrity Makeup

It is the brand of Jeffree Star who is an American internet personality. Jeffree Star’s brand has a score of 40.14 out of 100. Jeff Star is the CEO of this brand. She was a YouTuber and make-up artist then launched her brand after gaining. She owes 10 small businesses as well. Her brand products are not 100% vegan, they contain animal-extracted ingredients. Cosmetic Group USA Inc. Company manufactures its products in Los Angeles.

The slogan of the Jeffree Star brand is;

 “Be yourself, you’ll be a lot happier.” 


Her brand’s basic products are lip products, setting powders, concealers, highlighters, jackets, and mirrors.

Jeffrey Star Celebrity Makeup


4. Iman Cosmetics

Iman Cosmetic Inc. is owned by Iman (Zara Mohamad) Abdulmajid. Iman itself is the CEO of her brand. This brand scored 32.90 out of 100. She is a Somali America Supermodel and an actress also. It has specifications that have skin color foundations regardless of ethnicity.

Iman’s brand slogan is;

 “Your Beauty.” 

This brand contains the following products; bronzer, highlighters, foundations, eye shadows, concealers, powders, lip colors, etc. Its brand ingredients are Kokum, grapeseed, almond, aloe, and vitamins A, E, and C.

iman Celebrity Makeup



5. Meaningful Beauty

It is the brand of Cindy Crawford who is The Original Beauty Influencer and the world’s richest supermodel that launched this brand. She has been American richest self-made woman in 2021. It is a beauty product brand. It is made by Jane Louis Sebagh. This brand scores 27.89 out of 100. The specification of this brand is it contains hair and skin care products with melon leaf cell technology. It includes serums, wrinkle-smoothing capsules, face and neck cream, hair spray, root toucher, hair conditioners, etc.

One of her makeup tips is;

“Don’t let your make-up wear you.”


meaningful beauty Celebrity Makeup



By Sara Ahmed 

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