Radiant Diamond Cut Rings – How to Choose the Perfect One

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Radiant diamond cut rings have always been one of the most preferred styles, not only because they are gorgeous, but also because they are timeless and will never go out of style. If you’re searching for that perfect engagement ring or something to give your loved one as a special gift, you will find yourself at home with these radiant diamonds and diamond cuts. But what makes them different from other shapes? Why do so many people choose them over any other cut? Is there anything special you should know about them?

What is a Diamond Cut?


Diamond Cut Rings

The diamond cut refers to how well a diamond is shaped and polished, with four basic categories (from best to worst): ideal, very good, good, and fair. An ideal cut has 58 facets, while very good cuts have 38 or more facets. The more facets there are, the brighter a diamond will be when it hits light (or candlelight). Diamond cut also has an effect on sparkle—the flashier of two diamonds with similar clarity and color will be determined by their cut quality.

Buying Tips for Radiant Diamond Cut Rings

There are many diamond-cut varieties to choose from, and each shape has its own unique appeal. Radiant diamond cut rings, for example, feature sharp edges that focus light into an intense sparkle. Emerald-cut diamonds also produce brilliant flashes of light, but with a little more elegance than radiant diamonds. When choosing between radiant and emerald cuts, keep in mind your personal preferences: It is all about creating your perfect look! Also consider your budget: The average price of radiant diamond rings is higher than that of emerald cuts. If you are on a tight budget or only want a small diamond (under one carat), then it might be better to go with an emerald-cut instead.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Ring Setting


Diamond Cut Rings 2

There are several factors you’ll want to consider when choosing your ring setting. Most of these aspects can be adjusted or customized, and each one will give your ring a unique look. The four main aspects you’ll want to decide on include:

(1) Band Width

(2) Setting Material

(3) Prong Type


(4) Metal Type

If you’re looking for tips on how to choose an engagement ring, keep reading! But first: Don’t forget that it’s also important that your lady-love likes her ring. It will be with her forever after all…

Choosing the Right Type of Platinum for Your Ring


Diamond Cut Rings 4

Many people don’t realize that there are three different types of platinum used in jewelry. And, while all three are quite similar, each type is created for a specific purpose; and depending on what you plan on using your ring for (i.e., will it be worn during daily activities or used only for special occasions?) one type might suit your needs better than another. Understanding how platinum is manufactured will help you choose the right type of material for your ring.

Understanding GIA Certifications

Diamond cut refers to how a diamond is shaped from a rough stone into its final polished shape. Most experts will tell you that a diamond’s cut is almost as important as its clarity. If you can afford it, purchase only diamonds with very good cut grades (AA or better). The two most common grading systems for diamond cuts are GIA and AGS. The GIA system uses letters from A-Z and allows for finer distinctions among diamonds of different shapes. If you’re buying your engagement ring online, look for an online retailer that guarantees their stones’ authenticity; if they don’t offer certification papers with the stone, then there’s no way of knowing whether or not it’s real.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring


When it comes to choosing emerald radiant diamond cut rings, there are many considerations. As with any purchase, start by having a budget in mind and picking a time period for purchasing. Engagement rings are not typically replaced, so choose something that will last forever. Then, you’ll need to work with your partner on choosing an overall design and setting style. From there, you can add personal touches like gemstones or engraving by talking with your jeweler about what you both have in mind for various aspects of your ring.

Buying In-Store vs. Online

You can also find a variety of emerald diamond cut rings online, though you might want to visit your local jewelry store first so you can see how different shapes and sizes look in person. If possible, bring along someone you trust—this way, he or she can help offer advice on what looks best on your hand and even try on a few rings with you. Choosing a ring over the Internet is something most people do these days. However, if you’re serious about buying an engagement ring for your loved one, I’d suggest visiting a brick-and-mortar store in person and looking at more styles before making a decision. You never know—you may even find a better deal in person than online!

Where to Buy a Great Ring at an Affordable Price Section: Buying an Engagement Ring from an Independent Jeweler

If you’re looking for an independent jeweler, your first step is visiting a nearby independent store. Find out what styles they specialize in and if they have any experts on hand who can offer you advice. Make sure you pick up a copy of their information packet or business card that includes all sorts of helpful information, like how long they’ve been in business, any specialties, and awards won by members of their staff. If possible visit a few stores to see how each one handles itself when it comes to sales and service. You don’t want just anyone selling you a ring—your future spouse deserves only radiant diamonds cut emeralds that are expertly crafted.

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