Queen of Bikini! Lucy Liu Wows Her Fans in 7 Hot Lingeries

Lucy Liu sexy bikini
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Lucy Liu has hit the fashion headlines countless times, often being hailed as the underrated queen of bikinis! In this article, allow me to take you through some of the hottest bikini outfits showcased by Lucy Liu, making her the undisputed fashion icon of bikinis in the world of fashion. I am sure you will be thrilled by the sexy lingerie collection she has accumulated.

1. Bold in red:

Who doesn’t love red? It is said that color is one of the most romantic in the world and is often associated with love. The striking red lingerie set is one of the ensembles that the Queen herself made a bold statement without shying away from. . Doesn’t she look like a snack? Her ability to have a celebrity influence on fashion trends is seen in the surging number of online searches for red lingerie.

Lucy Liu hot red lingerie

2. Sultry Satin:

Lucy Liu has perfectly displayed the timeless appeal of satin lingerie sensuality. For those new to the fashion industry, satin is often associated with the rich and the mighty. Lucy has managed to pull off the lingerie in a better way. Her influence on lingerie trends is seen in the number of lingerie searches, as she is a figure of inspiration to audiences.

3. Floral Fantasy:

I would personally choose floral lingerie any day, any time. Lingeries have proven that they can be both sensual and whimsical, with floral patterns that add a touch of playfulness to their outfit.

Lucy Liu sexy bikini

4. How about some lacy bikinis?

Lace is definitely one of the most romantic types of bikinis. Across the world, lace bikinis are highly ranked as one of the most sexy and flirty outfits. If you are pulling together a lingerie wardrobe, why don’t you try it out?

5. Playful bikini:

Blue is definitely one of the playful colors. This bikini is perfect for the beach and the ocean.

6. Ever seen a leather bikini? :

Though not so common, leather bikinis seem to be on the rise. Lucy’s option of leather lingerie has shown her confidence in fashion and has left many stunned with the sexy pairing of leather and lingerie.

Lucy Liu hot lingerie

7. A black bikini is a staple! True or false?

I definitely love a black bikini! Black easily fits into a number of occasions including pool parties, yacht events and many more.


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