How To Put Together An Outfit For A Stylish, UNIQUE Look-3 Tips

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Most of us, including me, have difficulties when we have t0 put together an outfit for whatever the occasion may be, whether it’s as easy as going to the gym from going on a date night or some major event. I’m sure we all wish it were as simple as being able to put together an outfit in a flash. Let’s see you may be able to figure out a couple of tricks in this blog, continue reading.

I can’t tell you how long it takes me to put together an outfit every time I have to go out, and I mean every time. I’ve had to call on my sister for help on how to match my items and put together a stylish outfit on occasion, or I’ve had to plan my outfit days or weeks in advance, and I’m sure many of you can relate.

So, let me say this: finding out how to put together an outfit for whichever occasion you’re attending might be difficult. You’ve decided on a dress but aren’t sure how to accessorize it, or you’ve discovered the perfect pair of jeans but aren’t sure what top to pair them with. Well, there are a few methods and tips that I’ve recently been using that have made my life a lot easier, honey.

Keep in mind that getting dressed isn’t going to be a one-size-fits-all experience; while this may be very helpful for some, it won’t be for everyone; everyone has their own style and way of putting together an outfit, so how you choose to apply these tips is essentially up to you and your sense of fashion. Check out my blog here on How to improve your fashion sense, this can also be helpful to you.


1. Decide on what is going to be the statement piece of your outfit

This is, in my opinion, the most crucial aspect of putting together an outfit, and it should be to you as well. Your Statement Piece might be anything from your jeans to your hat, shoes, blouse, dress, and so on. This piece will be the focal point of your complete outfit and will revolve around it. So choose that one statement piece first, and then the rest will fall into place.

put together an outfit

The kimonos, for example, are clearly the statement piece in each of the photos above; oh, by the way, I love a kimono hahaha, MUST HAVE! But the point is that the kimono is what revolves around this entire ensemble, and it’s what drew my attention first. Everything else was then coupled with it, including the jeans, color-coordinated tops, shoes, and so on, to complete the stylish look.

This is a simple way to put together an outfit: start with the statement piece that you really want to wear, and then pair it with additional pieces that complement it to complete the look. Remember that your statement piece is the star of the show and should be the center of attention, Trust me this works.

2. Putting pieces together to complete any outfit

This is also a crucial step in the process of putting together an outfit. It’s fun to spice things up a little and try for unusual pairings, and that’ll help you stand out. After you’ve decided on a statement item, you’ll need to think about other pieces to pair it with, so consider color, patterns, textures, and other factors.


If you’re a person who loves color and likes to play around with it, center your pairing on that since it’ll be a lot easier to pull together your ensemble that way and be incredibly impactful for your statement piece. If you prefer patterns and textures, etc. then center our pairings on them but remember that balancing and experimenting with your pairings will offer you a more stylish and effortless look.

put together an outfit

As we all know, the kimono is the statement piece in this outfit, and it already has a lovely print, so pairing it with this mustard color cami top, the mustard handbag that complements the kimono and its printed design perfectly, and then the blue jeans and shoes, etc. that all came together well for this stylish outfit.

3. Accessorize Accordingly

As I previously stated in this blog, an accessory can also be your outfit’s statement piece, so how you put your outfit together is entirely up to you. However, whether it’s a statement piece or not, accessories, in general, can help to pull an outfit together.

When it comes to accessorizing, go with what best suits you and the situation; I enjoy huge hoops on occasion, but on a more casual day, I’d go for studs; hey, maybe just for a hat if I feel like it; and I adore my necklaces. Necklaces, sunglasses, jewelry, hats, headbands—whatever you want to accessorize with to complement your outfit is all up to you.

put together an outfit

The mustard handbag adds a flash of color, as do the large earrings, which I find unique, the sunglasses, the stone ring on the finger, and the nude heels. WOW, accessories can make or break an ensemble, believe that. Why play it safe when accessorizing any outfit can be fun and incredibly irresistible? Take a chance! Be distinct! Simply be comfortable in your own skin.




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