Purity is the Key to Excellent Style

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Purity is a special act of cleanliness admonished by the majority of the people that ever existed in the history of the universe. Yes. There is no argument about the truth that everyone desires to live with. I remember that day when my Dad specifically applauded my sense of fashion style due to the usual cleanliness of my fabrics.

Some people believe that it is only when they adore white-colored fabrics that cleanliness could be observed. They treat white clothing materials with respect, honor, carefulness, and dignity. However, every fabric should be treated elegantly and valued as long as it complements or add more glory to the person that fashioned the fabric style.

Clothing color is very important but not limited to specification considering purity. A man must always appear pure and neat in every sense, judging the friends they keep up with, the environment they explore, and attributions.

To me, purity is far more than clothing or textiles fashioned. It is an inward presence that justifies the outward ability in the real sense. You don’t want to look poorly dressed because your heart pondered about it, and action is taken instantly to manifest what springs from the inside of your heart.

Purity in Mind and Not Only in Fashion

Purity is the Key 1

You must be careful to practice excellent purity pure fashion in the real world. Sometimes when a man is willing to practice neatness, it may spring hate and pride at an early stage of practice. When a man that is poorly clotted comes around, there is an immediate sense of feelings by his presence. What you think about him in your is very important, and how you judge him in the value that you give.

Train your heart to be impressed with the good and bad. A man of high value must be considerate in his thoughts, to give grace, love, and respect to those who dress in rags due to the situations that surround them.


Lead by the Example of your Styles

Accept a man of low fashion style because they are a human being just like you. They also wish to be purely dressed as you, so don’t underestimate your leadership approximation just by your clean fabric styles. If someone clamors to be dressed and styled like you, the law attraction says that you are a role model and a leader for many people.

Don’t just lead by your pure skin beauty or fashion styles but let your inward light shine for others to be truly blessed through the applauding success you have acquired.

How to be Pure from the Heart

Purity is the Key 2

‘Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks’. The purity in you can also be determined by those things that proceed from your mouth. You say those words because your heart received them. There are a few things you can practice to make yourself a truly pure someone that is not fashioned with clothes alone but also indeed in the heart.

1. Check and master what your heart thinks. A man can only talk around his heart and mind. If your cloth is beautiful, your heart must relate them to your mind, and by that, you acted or talked about them. Practice knowing what you are about to say so that you learn to stay pure, even when you are in a dented area.

2. Kill the ego of your fashion and skin beauty. Happiness is what happens to us that we appreciate even when the situation presented is not good enough. If you are well dressed, don’t be too over joyous about it, because some that come closely around are poorly cloth, so be careful. See all things good and gorgeous.


Purity is a lifestyle that anyone can practice rich or poor. Stay humble and smart to take action to avoid stains from absorbing concentrations.

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