Probably the Most Stylish First Lady: Check these Photos of Kenyan First Lady

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First Lady: Fashion has found its way among the high and the mighty in society. The rich have finally accepted the place of fashion in society. Politicians and their wives have also embraced the art of fashion in changing the perceptions of their citizens. Today, we shall have a close look at the Kenyan First Lady who has been making headlines as probably the most fashionable first lady in the year 2024. Whether that is true or not shall be proven by the subsequent paragraphs below.

The current Kenyan First Lady is the wife of the sitting president Dr. William Ruto. His wife Rachael Ruto seems to know the true meaning of African fashion as she is often spotted dressed in the most fashionable way like an African queen she is. Take a look at some of her best fashion moments that I have singled out:

1. Maroon and a touch of the Silver suit:

As a first lady, we expect that most of her dressing will be official since she is a public figure. I love how the below colors combine to bring out the uniqueness of the entire outfit.

.Kenyan First Lady Outfit 1

2. An African Kitenge Outfit:

You can never go wrong with an African Kitenge, especially the ones that blend a number of colors like the one worn by the Kenyan first lady. The beautiful combination of red and black patterns coupled with the outfit of her husband makes this entire photo a nice display of African fashion.

Kenyan First Lady Outfit 2

Kenyan First Lady Outfit 3

3. Baige, Brown, white, and dots dress:

This was the outfit they won during their inauguration ceremony this year. On a scale of 1-10, guys help me to rate this dress by the Kenyan first lady. Feel free to use the comment section below.

Kenyan First Lady Outfit 4

4. Trouser Suit:

How about an official trouser suit? In this photo, she has proven to the world that you can still rock in your official suits and look lovely.

Kenyan First Lady Outfit 5

5. Purple dress:

Purple has been normally associated with the rich and the mighty. Doesn’t she look lovely?

Kenyan First Lady Outfit 6

Photo credits:

Office of First Lady, Kenya

By Alex

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