Price Guide of Emerald Gemstone (Panna Gemstone)

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Panna gemstone is one of the precious stones that belong to the beryl mineral family. This is one of the most powerful stones ruled by the planet Budh. As an astrological gemstone, emerald offers wisdom, love, good relationships, intellect, and creativity. With the popularity of these gemstones, the intent to buy emerald stones increases. The Panna stone price varies from INR 2,000 to INR 2 lakhs.

To buy natural emerald stones online in India, one must consider various factors. Before gaining an insight into these factors, it’s essential to get an overview of these green beryl stones.

Cleopatra’s Gem: The Eternal Spring in a Panna Gemstone

These beautiful stones have captivated us for ages, symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings with their vibrant spring-green color. Icons like Cleopatra have cherished their timeless appeal and significance. Today, they remain a luxurious addition to any jewelry collection, highly sought after for special occasions and those seeking the astrological harmony they’re believed to bring.

A Legacy Etched in Green

These precious gemstones’ historical allure has been undiminished since the days it was championed by Pliny the Elder for their unparalleled verdancy. These stones have been referred to as a talisman for truth and a harbinger of wealth and power. Emeralds have maintained their status as one of history’s most coveted stones.

The Spectrum of Green Beryls: A Study of Color

The Panna gemstone derives its splendid color from its mineral makeup, influenced by traces of chromium, vanadium, and iron. The gemstone’s value is closely tied to its hue, saturation, and origin—with Colombian emeralds prized for their pure green and Zambian emerald stones for their unique bluish-green tint.

Valuing the Vibrant: The Price of Purity

The emerald’s worth is intrinsically linked to its provenance, with each source bestowing a unique fingerprint of color and quality. This section dissects the components that define the price of natural Panna gemstone, focusing on the renowned color, including hue, tone, and saturation, and how these aspects influence overall pricing.

Clarity and Enhancements: Seeing Through the Stone

Clarity is paramount in establishing any gemstone’s premium status, with fewer inclusions equating to higher desirability. The Panna gemstone enhancements and treatments like oiling can enhance the clarity, color, and durability of the stone. Type 3 inclusions are natural to these green stones, but the value is attributed to natural, no-oil stones.


The Art of the Cut: Crafting Luminosity

An emerald’s cut is pivotal, not just for aesthetic appeal but for protecting the stone. This cut is the go-to for these gems, designed to showcase their color depth while safeguarding their structure.

Carat of the Stone: The Weight of Worth

The size of a gemstone does more than captivate the eye—it also drives its worth. Carat weight intersects with the four Cs to define the market value of pure green beryls. The original Emerald stone price per carat weight increases with an increase in the size of the stone.

Certification: The Seal of Authenticity

In the age of online shopping, the importance of certified emeralds cannot be overstated. Learn why certifications from authoritative bodies like the GIA or IGI are crucial for verifying the quality and authenticity of these green treasures.

Conclusion: The Everlasting Enchantment of Green Beryl

In wrapping up, this blog reflects on the enduring allure of green-hued stones, highlighting how their intrinsic qualities and certification assurances contribute to their undying appeal and value as both a personal and financial investment.

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