Poses in Dance and in Fashion

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Not only is posing important in fashion, but they are also important in dance too. Every dance step instinctively starts with poses. Every angle and shape is the very art that is communication in dance and fashion. Often people do not realize the similarity between dancing and modeling, they are both aspects of visual arts in some ways.

Importance of posing in dance and modeling
Importance of posing in dance in fashion modeling

The elements of art are, line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space, and for a piece of art to really capture and speak to its audience, these elements need to reach some kind of order. Be organized in some way, even if it’s organized chaos. The artist, the photographer, every creator of art has to go through the “that’s not quite right” phase of creation.

That is why in modeling, there are correct poses and incorrect poses.


Not discrediting the freedom to create, just the way one cannot dispute the existence of color theory and its impacts. We can also see that in dance and modeling, in photography and videography, lines, shapes, and angles have a huge role to play.

The word pose means ‘to put in a certain position’ and for that position to look right, you can not over-emphasize the importance of angles and shapes. An incorrect pose would be to fix yourself in a position that is not attractive to look at, does not apply angles and shapes correctly, and probably looks awkward.

A CORRECT POSE is pleasing to the eye, applies the elements of art, and compliments the aesthetic of the photography.


The importance of lines and shapes in posing

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Correct pose

So whether you are a dancer or a model, you should never forget the impact shapes and angles have in pictures and video. In order to get a good pose, you need to:

*Ensure you assume good posture (it makes your pictures more attractive)

*Try to stay relatable. The reason models get used for advertising outfits is because people want to know what that outfit would really look like. A mannequin may be too superficial, a hanger too formless, but a model with a good pose can communicate an outfit. that is the essence of modeling.

*Communicate a message. Shakespeare said that art is a mirror held up to nature. Your art becomes relatable when it communicates something. Something that someone else feels.

*Take note of the setting and pre-existing aesthetic of the background. Even if one decides to be daring and think out of the box, in order for your art to flow you need to form connections and parallels

*Attitude. Your attitude and facial expressions are important features that deliver your story. Even if you want to communicate nothing, what better way to do it than with a blank stare.


Even if you want to communicate nothing, what better way to do it than with a blank stare.

By Princess Okechukwu

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