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In this writing, I’ll acquaint you with the most extensive collection of the most popular men’s hairstyles and haircuts ever. Cristiano Ronaldo’s haircut has over time, become one of the trendiest hairstyles for football fans; driven by one of the greatest football players of all time, its popularity has soared in recent times.

It is worthy of note that aside from Cristiano Ronaldo’s prowess on the soccer field, he is also idolized as a fashion icon, with his biggest strength being his hair. Over the years, we have seen the star try out several fantastic haircuts, including a few of his own, which never fail to impress. Today, we look to bring to you the greatest all-time Cristiano Ronaldo haircuts to inspire your looks.

Cristiano Ronaldo Men’s Hairstyles – Raised Blonde

The aim of this very comprehensive guide on the best men’s hairstyles in 2023 is to help you find and choose the cut that suits you best and show it to your barber to turn it into a reality.

Scroll down to check the most popular haircut articles right now, find the haircut style that suits you best, and show the photo to your barber. Job done!

Without further ado, these are the hottest and most popular hair trends of 2023 to inspire and help you create a unique and distinctive hairstyle.

Comb-Over Fade Men’s Hairstyles

A comb-over fade, also known as a skin fade comb, is a timeless fade length combined with a textured comb over and side part.

Apply some dry shampoo for volume and piece the ends of your hair with a matte pomade to finish the Comb Over Fade haircut and achieve a textured comb-over.


Cool Fade Haircut Men’s Hairstyles

The cool fade haircut; remember, not all faded haircuts are cut super short on the back and sides.

Paul Pogba Fashion Hair

men's hairstyles 2

Brush it up with a slight part, like in the pics above, to give this ‘longer fade’ a polished final look.

The top hair is left longer and tapered down with clippers – on the sides and back – to blend into the skin at the nape.

There are many curly hair fade variations, some longer, some shorter, some skinnier, some meatier, as the barbers trained and like to cut.

But, as a general rule, curly hair should be longer on top with nothing at the sides or shorter with faded edges.

The more curls you have, the lower the fade – the best example of this style is the British heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua.


Also, you can concentrate texture and length on the top of the head with a high fade.

If neither of those works, there are plenty of medium fade options somewhere in between.

Anthony Joshua Haircut

men's hairstyles 1

What Does Fade mean?

The term “fade” first appeared in black-owned barbershops and described an aggressively tight taper in men’s hair.

The hair on the sides and back is cut (tapered) as close as possible with a machine or clippers.

Then, it “fades” up to the top of the head.

The hair on top can be styled neatly or given a messy texture with gel, paste, or strong pomade.


Sometimes, the faded haircut is mistakenly called the ‘military reg.’ haircut.

However, this is incorrect because each military service branch has different hair length regulations that can’t be generalized into one haircut for all.

Skin Fade Haircut (High Fade)

Very suitable for straight hair, the skin fade-high fade is a classic haircut that works independently or as a base for any edgy haircut.

The high fade follows a line that goes straight back from the corner of the forehead. Just make sure you tell your barber you want a skin fade and not a shadow fade.

The skin, or bald fade, tapers hair right down to the skin while the shadow fades and goes from short hair at the hairline to even shorter hair at the neckline.

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