Plus Size Women

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Hey, this is my first blog about plus size. They look really cute but of course, their number is growing all over the world. How does this affect their health, blood pressure, diabetes, eyes, legs, etc?

So many dieticians work for these people for reducing weight. Am I right? How they feel when someone will laugh at them, it’s termed rude behavior, accept them as they look. Admire them don’t laugh or tease them.

There are so many tv shows that advertise slimming products in one month and it’s kind of not funny to look at. During tv reality shows how they cry during exercise or any other task they assign to them. It’s not entertaining and it hurts to watch.

Here’s a simple way to burn fat from your body. In the morning with an empty stomach, take one glass of warm water, mix it with half lemon juice and a spoon of honey, isn’t easy? Try it from today. I appreciate plus size people do not worry too much. It will affect their health. Better be positive and love your body.

In day-to-day life, how many challenges do they face even though they have all the comforts they need. If they have a car, getting inside is also a problem for them. If they want to purchase apparel it may not fit for their size. Eventually, they end up with colors or clothes that they don’t even like because they don’t have a choice.

Whenever they travel in metro or in public transport like bus people will look at them. Like, can’t adjust or helpless kind of attitude towards them.

During covid 19 so many of them died because they can’t breathe, depending on oxygen, ICU, no other options were there. We have some empathy for such wonderful people around us.

The conclusion is to eat healthily, be happy, use less oily food, less cheese, sugar, raw meat, butter, etc.

By YekkarPrakash

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