Plus-Size Outfit Ideas That Make You Look Slim


If you’re plus size, you may feel that no outfit will ever make you look slim, but you’re wrong! With the right outfit ideas in mind, you can give your body an hourglass shape even when it isn’t there naturally. We’ve put together some of our favorite plus-size outfit ideas to give your wardrobe a serious style upgrade!

XS – XXL Formal Wear

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Formal attire typically comes in sizes XS – XXL, which isn’t exactly plus-size friendly. Try looking for an evening gown in a more flattering cut and fabric to hide your bulges and accentuate your curves. Avoid buying an outfit that’s so tight it makes you feel uncomfortable; rather, buy something snug but fits like a glove.

XS-XL Casual Clothes

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If you want to look slim without compromising your wardrobe, invest in fitted casual clothing in small sizes. Skinny jeans are a plus-size staple that can help you look slimmer without looking out of place at work or for drinks with friends. Tops and jackets come in a wide range of styles and cuts that you can experiment with to figure out what best makes you appear slender.

Up To 3XL Beachwear

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If you’re plus size, bathing suit shopping can be a nightmare. Thankfully, these days there are plenty of options for big-bodied ladies—and we’ve got a few favorites that you’ll want to pin for summer. Hit up your favorite swimwear shop to find board shorts and one-pieces in sizes up to 3XL. It will make your beach excursions so much more enjoyable!

Up To 3XL Work Clothes

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Here are some other great plus-size outfit ideas. If you’re a larger-sized lady, work clothes are probably a bit difficult to find. In fact, you may not even be able to find plus-size options in your favorite stores. However, we’ve got some plus-size outfit ideas that will help you look and feel great while showing off your style.

Over 3XL Shoes, Accessories, and Outerwear

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When you’re looking for that perfect outfit to wear, sometimes it can feel like your options are limited. With so many fashion rules out there, finding a plus-size outfit that flatters can be difficult. But thanks to our selection of flattering plus-size clothing online, there are plenty of outfits designed to compliment your curves and make you look and feel amazing no matter what occasion you find yourself in.



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By Shameen Abbas

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