Plain Jane and Average Joe. Why People are Afraid of Fashion

plain jaine average joe
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Plain Jane and Average Joe are the typology of the average people with average looks, ordinary jobs, and also common hobbies, not too beautiful but also not ugly. In terms of fashion, they do not care about styling rules and wear only plain clothes that can be found in cheap stores and that are common sense.

So, Plain Jane and Average Joe dress the same, but for them, it is not a problem to look alike. Moreover, they feel taht this way they will be accepted by the society.
Therefore, Plain Jane and Average Joe are the description of average people or are they just afraid of fashion?


Plain Jane and Average Joe: Why do people choose to be one?

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Average people have average mindsets and behind their plain clothes are some fears, guilt, shame, and unfulfilled desires:
Fashion is a form of expression. Through fashion, you can show your inner values, your message to the world your uniqueness and get also better results for your daily goals.

Fear of rejection. They know, they could be rejected by other people with a plain mindset, if they look different. Moreover, they do not want to think that they did something wrong, so it is easier to be accepted by the crowd.

Fear to stand out of the crowd and be judged, followed by the fear to be left out and be alone. If they are different they might end up alone against the world, and they believe this could be the worst punishment for them.
Fear to get out of your comfort zone. Laziness and routine.

Shame, they may think they look ugly when instead they look better but are not accustomed to it.
Maybe guilty to be better dressed than their friends or coworkers and bosses.
No self-love. Believing they do not deserve to be noticed and to stand out.

All this can be solved with a few honest discussions with yourself. You should understand that you deserve the best, that whatever bad happened to you was meant to prepare you for a better version of yourself, and no matter how hard you try to fight it, you will always be unique, and that is a good thing.

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How Not to be a Plain Jane or an Average Joe

Plain Jane and Average Joe

To avoid being Plain Jane and Average Joe does not mean you have to buy expensive clothes or follow the latest trends. But just to learn to know yourself to find what benefits your look and to gain the acceptance and self-confidence you need in order to build your personal clothing style, but most of all your personality.

Some basic tips to start with until you gain enough self-confidence:
It cost you the same to buy ugly common clothes or some items that suit you. You may even shop in second-hand stores, where you can find cheap but different clothes.
Here is my post on second-hand clothes

It costs you the same amount of time daily to choose a common plain outfit or to style an outfit that suits you and makes you stand out.

Change daily just one piece of your average outfit with something new, different and maybe that you have never worn before.

Scared of Fashion. Some simple tips

Take some time for yourself and study some basic styling rules that suit you. You can find free information on youtube, fashion blogs and magazines or social media groups.
Here is a tutorial Dressing Rules EVERYONE Should Learn Once And For ALL – YouTube

Then take some time again and experiment with your clothes. A general reorganization of the wardrobe doesn’t hurt from time to time.
Here is my guide on the basic steps you should take in to account.

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The experiment is also with your hair and make-up.
Use your average clothes but mix them differently.
Add accessories. Begin with small ones.
Choose your daily outfits according to the circumstances, dress codes, locations, and types of events your attending.

So, why are people afraid of Fashion? People are not afraid of fashion, they are afraid of themselves. They are afraid to show their true potential, their beauty, and their uniqueness.
Fashion is a form of expression and the reflection of your inner self out there in the world.
Therefore, self-acceptance, self-love and a little bit of self-confidence are the keys to a perfect fashion sense.


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By Paula Radu 

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