Piercing in Fashion

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As everyone wants to be associated with fashion for looking fashionable and good. Fashion does not only mean wearing fashionable clothes. Fashionable means being connected to every part of fashion, which is part of fashion.

And today we will talk about piercing which is a part of fashion. Piercing is very much liked by people and attracts them toward themselves.


Until the time piercing was not in fashion, people used to pierce their ears and nose, and was considered necessary to pierce a women’s ear and nose and it is still considered today.

But in today’s time be it a girl or a boy, everyone likes to get a piercing done because today piercing has taken the form of fashion and it has become a part of fashion itself.

And with time pass soon as piercing took the form of fashion, there has been a change in the way of getting done today people do not get piercing done only in the ear and nose, there are many places where people like to get piercing done whether it is face piercing or body piercing.

First of all, let’s know about how piercing is done by-

1) Needle Piercing

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Needle Piercing 1
Needle Piercing 2
Needle Piercing 3

In today’s time piercing is done by two methods, one method came from the previous time which was done by hand with the help of a needle which you can see in these pictures.

And second method is done by gun.

gun piercing 1
gun piercing 2

Which is not very old and just started some time ago. As you can see in these pictures the piercing was done by a gun.

And everyone knows that piercing is just not only done in the ears and nose, there are so many places for piercing.

Piercing have different types and people have different places on their faces and body for piercing so let’s have look at the type of piercings.

First, we see face piercing and how many types it has.

1) Ear piercing.

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Ear piercing

Ear piercing is the most common piercing of old times but some piercing in ear piercing like – Anti Tragus, Snug, Conch, Orbital, Helix, Outer Conch, Industrial, Forward Helix, and Tragus these all piercings are in fashion.

2) Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is also a very common piercing but not all like – Bridge, Nassallang, High Nostril, and Verticle Nose Tip Bridge are in the fashion.

3) Lips Piercing

Lip piercing is not a common piercing because, in the old times, no one had done lip piercing so that’s why all types of Lips piercings in fashion from the beginning.

4) Belly button Piercing or Navel Piercing

You can see in the pictures the belly button piercing or Navel piercing which is the most popular.


5) Finger Piercing

As you can see in the given picture they have finger piercing which is done on the fingers.

Let me tell you about these different piercings which are done by Korean celebrities especially K-pop stars let’s have a look.

1) JB

JB is a singer and a leader of the k-pop group Got7 and he did Anti eyebrow piercing right below his eye and near his chick bone which very different piercing I have ever seen.

2) Hyun-ah

Hyun-ah is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, and model. She did her clavicle piercing and she has also a very different piercing in that place.

I also love piercings and I have done three piercings in both ears and I loved it, which piercing do you like guys?

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By Pavitra karnwal

Photos from Google

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