Philippines: Sarah Geronimo Fashion & Style 2022

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She’s the Popstar Royalty in the Philippines. A big star and a total performer. Movies and concerts? She can handle that! And one thing she can handle too is her fashion and style.  She can rock every outfit even if it’s a hippie or a casual look. For today’s blog, we will talk about Sarah Geronimo Fashion & Style!

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah is known for being a demure and kind person. She’s sweet in every way as much as how sweet and cool her outfits are.

Sarah’s Simple Look


Sarah Geronimo 1
Sarah Geronimo 3
Sarah Geronimo 4
Sarah Geronimo 4

Sarah’s Simple Look is what I love the most. I have watched her movie on Netflix wherein she was dumped by her groom in the church and from that movie I saw how precious her aura is and how versatile she is when it comes to her platform as an artist. I don’t know her personally. I just watched a few of her movies and concerts on Netflix and I guess that’s the reason why I came up with the idea of writing a blog about her fashion and style.

If you search her online most of her clothing is very simple (or it is just me assuming? 😅) She loves to wear jeans and a shirt or anything lose. But it looks good on her and is still stylish with her high-edge shoes. If you’re from the Philippines or you know her, you will know what I mean 😅

Sarah Geronimo Color Choice For An Outfit

These are just the photos I saw of her on Pinterest wearing vibrant neon colors. Admit it, you would agree with me that it looks perfect on her not just in the color but as well as the whole look!

Sarah Geronimo Concert Look


What I noticed when she has a concert is that she loves to wear complicated outfits at her concerts 😅 but still fashionable and such an inspiration outfit for anyone who wants to have this kind of look.

This blog might be a little review for Sarah’s Fashion & Style but you might want to consider these looks for your next outfit. And I bet you will not regret it 😘.

P.S. Just to let everyone know, I only base what I said here based on the movies and concerts I saw on the Netflix and pictures I saw on Pinterest. I don’t know her that much, it’s just that I love her style and look. ❤

Photo credit to the respective owners. Thank you ❤

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