Persuasion: Dakota Johnson’s Outfit Review

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Have you watched the movie yet? If you haven’t then I suggest you watch it before it’s too late! Persuasion is one of Jane Austen’s masterpieces and I read it a long time ago. Well, Pride and Prejudice is the best one but this time let’s talk about Dakota Johnson’s outfit as Anne Elliot in Persuasion.

Outfit Number 1 💡

Dakota Johnson's outfit in persuasion 1

This is my favorite look of Dakota Johnson in the movie Persuasion. I love the aura and how she blends her look with the color of her outfit. The chenille beret cap is a plus point for the dress. It’s a very 1930s or something kind of style and it gives the impression.

Outfit #2 💡

Dakota Johnson's outfit in persuasion 2

Army green color is always a perfect match for white color and it looks perfect on Dakota Johnson. She gives justice to what Jane Austen described as the character of Anne Elliot. I love how the small details of the green coat capture my eyes. The ruffled shoulder and the shape of the wrist are wonderful. I don’t know how to explain how fashion designers and fashion experts do but the whole look perfectly looks great on Dakota.

Outfit #3 💡

Dakota Johnson's outfit in persuasion 3

The reason why included this look it’s because this aqua blue dress gives a calm kind of vibe. Let’s not mentioned that in this part Anne Elliott drinks a red wine as she reminisces about her past 😅. And oh! The boots are awesome! In every look of Dakota Johnson in the movie, she wore boots all the time which is not new because that’s their go-to shoes before.

Outfit #4 💡

Dakota Johnson's outfit in persuasion 4

Simple yet classy! Yes! That’s what this look serves us. If you notice the dress is a little shiny and the details are very simple with its lining. The small purse matches the dress as well as the feather on Dakota Johnson’s Hair.

What do you think is the best outfit she wore in the movie? I’ll see you at the next one!

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By Belle Willow

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