Personal Take: Wedding Outfit Ideas

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Wedding bells are ringing, the smell of the flower and the champagne, the beautiful sunny day with the laughter of my loved ones, and the solemnity of the wedding. That’s what I imagined my wedding would look like. Am I the only one? Nope! I doubt it because a wedding is every (most) girl’s dream and I know you will agree with me as I share with you some of the ideas I have in mind about the wedding outfit and a lot more!

Number 1: Wedding Dress

I know wedding dress is number one on the list. I feel you, girl! Not every day we get married to the love of our life so make sure to choose the perfect wedding dress for your special day. Put the best makeup on your face and fix your hair to match the dress and don’t forget to wear the best smile you could give. Impress your groom and make him love you more. Your style may vary of course and that’s okay since we have different tastes when it comes to fashion and style. If I were to ask, I will wear a Mermaid Cut with a sweetheart neckline on my wedding day. Similar to the second photo below. It is my dream style ever since I was a kid. Wearing a Jumpsuit is good also, it’s comfortable and you can move easily. Or maybe Stella Mccartney’s dresses just like what Meghan Markle wears in her second wedding. Nevertheless, whatever you wear on your wedding day will surely suit you and your aura. Choosing a dress is hard, but when you find the right one you will feel it and it will look good on you. 

Photo by Angela Smith -Lace Ball Gown Floor-Length V-Neck Garden/Outdoor Wedding Dress
Photo by bellemagazine
Photo by Eva Lendel 

Number 2: Groom’s Suit

Well, men are not hard to style. The suit and tie will always look good on them. Just don’t forget to follow the wedding’s motif.

Photo @Pinterest
Photo @Pinterest
Photo @Pinterest

Number 3: Brides Maids & Grooms Men’s Attire

Choosing outfits for your Bridesmaid and Groomsmen is easy as a piece of cake. It depends on the wedding’s motif or if you like you can mix and match their outfit to make it more alive and rustic for your wedding day. For the Bridesmaid, they can pair their dress with jewelry, heels, and a good clutch. As well for the men, a tuxedo and shoes are a good point for the wedding. There are a lot of colors to choose from so pick the right one and impress the guests with your exquisite taste of style.



Photo @Pinterest

Photo @Pinterest

Number 4: Guests Attire

Any idea what your guests would wear on your wedding day? Do you want them to have a dress code? Or Mix and Match will do? Comment down below and let’s exchange ideas.

We Wore What

Aside from the bride and groom’s outfits of the wedding, do you know that flowers can add beauty to the place too? Well, it’s true! Choose the fresh and perfect flower for your wedding day especially for your bouquet so that when you throw it to a single lady they can feel extra special.

Chic Vintage Bride

A wedding is every (most) girl’s dream indeed. Planning the whole event and choosing the right attire from the wedding dress to the members of the entourage is stressful already. But it is worth it especially when you marry the man in your dreams. It is worth the wait and worth the effort but truthfully speaking, Does wedding attire matter? Because for me, it does not matter. Do you know what matters? Your GROOM.

By Belle Willow

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