Personal Take: Remedy For Dry Lips

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Tired of having a dry and chapped lip? I feel you, ladies! I guess it’s everyone’s problem, especially in the winter season. Here is my remedy for dry lips.

Number #1: Lip Balm

Remedy For Dry Lips 1

Lip balm is the number 1 solution for dry lips and we can all agree that it helps but some are not helpful because it makes our lips drier and chappy. Personally, I use a mint herbal lip balm that I got from the pharmacy. It has a very cool and minty feeling which I love.

A vaseline lip balm is a nice and good choice as well but it always depends if your lips will get used to it since a lot of lip types are very sensitive to different products. So better choose the right lip balm that is good for your dry and chapped lips.

Number #2: Lip Mask

Remedy For Dry Lips 2

A lip mask is helpful for dry lips because it will make your lip smooth,  hydrated, and plump. Use it after doing your skincare at night.

Number #3 Honey

Remedy For Dry Lips 3

Did you know that honey has a vitamin that will help your dry and chapped lips to be smooth and plump? Well, there you have it! Try the honey scrub for your dry lip.

Number #4: Healthy Lifestyle! 

With all the home remedies that you could think of, I think tip number 4 is the most useful and helpful for having dry and chapped lips.

• Water

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> Drinking 8 glasses of water every day will help you to hydrate and makes your lip plump.

• Fruits & Vegetable

>Eating healthy is always a plus point for having smooth and hydrated lips. Fruits and vegetables as we all know have vitamins that will help the body function well.

As a woman, we must know how to take good care our self especially on dealing with dry and chapped lips.

Better choose the right lipstick that suits your lip as well. Why? Because there are a lot of lip products that can cause dry and chapped lips. It’s better to be wise in choosing lip products than sorry, right? This rounds out my remedy for dry lips. Write back with any questions.

Photo credit to the owners on Pinterest. Thank you ❤

By Belle Willow 

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