Personal Take: Night Skincare Routine

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Every girl should know about this and it is essential to clean ourselves before going to bed. This is to remove all the dirt from our day-to-day activities and for us to feel fresh and clean. Here is the personal ritual I do every night before going to sleep.

Shower| Wash Up

I will include showering in my skincare routine because I don’t feel like going to sleep without showering. I’m a city girl and I live in a tropical country. It is always summer from where I live because of the heat that is why showering at night is my number 1 goal.

Micellar Water

Before applying anything to my face, I always put micellar water first to remove dirt. The advantage of my night skincare routine is that I don’t have to bother myself putting a lot of products in my face since I don’t wear makeup every day.

Face Scrub|Face Mask

I only use these two every once a week and the product I am using gives so much compliment to my face.


The toner that I am using is an oil control toner since I always feel oily and I don’t like it.

Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

It removes waterproof makeup and you can apply it all over your face, eyes, lips and it’s nongreasy. Also, it lightens and smoothens your skin.

Night Cream

I don’t usually apply this every night but what I like about using a night cream it’s because it feels good on my face. I love how the cream sets my face and helps me to look fresh.


This is to stimulate the circulation of the blood and it will help muscles to relax.

And there you have it! Very simple and easy night skincare routine. Care to share your night skincare routine? I’ll see you at the next one!

By Belle Willow 

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