Personal Take: Morning Routine

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Every day, I have a ritual and this ritual is what everybody called a ‘ morning routine’.  Just like any other girl out there, I always make sure that my day is productive and I am motivated to my plans throughout the day. If you are going to ask me about how I organized my day, it is very simple and I guess everyone uses this technique. Here’s my take on the morning routine!

Coffee In The Morning



I usually wake up at 9 in the morning and you might be thinking why coffee is number one on my morning routine and not fixing my bed it’s because that’s how my day started. Right after I wake up I just say a thank you prayer and drink my water. After that, I will head down to the kitchen and make my coffee. I don’t know if it is just me but I feel like I don’t have the energy to do everything if I don’t drink my coffee. My sister thinks I’m weird for not my fixing my bed first but who cares? We all have a weird side, lol!

Fixing My Bed

To the fact that I’m lazy fixing my bed, I still fix it. Do you know why? I hate it when my room looks so messy. Organizing is one of my favorite thing to do that is why after drinking my coffee I always go back to my room and fix my bed. And I think a cleanroom is good for our mental health as well and it will help you stay focused on whatever you do.



I don’t do workouts every day. Usually, I do workouts once a week just to stretch all my muscles from the entire week of working and doing things I usually do.

Shower/Wash Up

Showering in the morning is not actually my thing except if I have to run errands outside but washing up is what I usually do. Just to clean me up and to feel fresh right after that workout.


Simple skincare in the morning is what I do after a shower. I just put lotion and some moisturizer and toner on my face. I also put on a sun protection cream since I’m a girl who has a face with freckles, you know just to lessen and avoid dark spots. But seriously, you should put sun protection cream, especially on your face.

Dress Up




This is my favorite thing in my morning routine. I love dressing up and choosing my outfit. Even If I just stay at home, I always make sure that my clothes are on point just in case something came up or I have a guest coming over. It’s just that I don’t wear heels or a sneaker and jewelry at home because it annoys me, especially the earrings. I think dressing up has always been my thing ever since. I am very particular to every outfit that I wear and I want to feel comfortable with the clothes that I am wearing. And dressing up helps me boost my confidence all the time.


Right after fixing myself. I will head down to the kitchen again and eat my breakfast. Breakfast is very important, you should not escape it. You may be asking, what my usual breakfast is. Well, I love toasted bread with a chicken sandwich on it or sometimes an omelet. Some of you love to eat cereal in the morning, but I don’t and that makes us different from each other, lol!

Brush Teeth

The most essential thing to do is brush your teeth and don’t forget to use a string of floss. It helps.




I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who still makes journals every day. I mean, I love writing and journaling helps me to stay on track with my love of writing.

Get Ready For The Day

After doing everything like fixing myself and eating breakfast, I am ready to start my day with whatever plans I have.

This has been my routine since the pandemic started. My morning routine is very different from everyone and it is very simple. But what I like about this routine is that little by little I am able to finish things because I am productive to work and get things done. Unlike before, I always procrastinate and it is not good for me. Having a morning routine helps me a lot to be a better version of myself.

By Belle Willow

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