Personal Take: How Does It Feel Writing A Fashion Blog

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Writing is such an escape from the exhausting reality of life. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening around us and we sometimes end up writing them down to let go of the burdens we feel. Because believe it or not Writing is the best and most natural medicine for a person who has a depth feeling he or she cannot explain and writing is her or his solution.

Today’s blog it’s gonna be a Personal Take on How Does It Feel Writing A Fashion Blog? and how it helps me in feeling better whenever I’m in my darkest moment in life. I know a lot of you can relate especially if you are working and had a busy day and a hectic schedule.

Writing A Fashion Blog

If you are reading my blogs you’ll probably have an idea what kind of articles I am writing and what my styles are. I admit I sometimes lost control of the key point of my article in which I always remind myself to stick to the concept so that it would be easy for the readers to understand the concept and what I want them to know about the article. But person as I am, I sometimes mess up my mind and I always forget the key point of writing.

The main point here is that even if we set goals and we want those goals to be perfect to satisfy other people there will always be a time when we feel like we were suffocated and whatever we do we cannot breathe freely. There are always barriers and that’s okay. That’s life. It’s just that as a person you should know how to escape from it. Some of us escape from traveling, doing adventures, having fun, being crazy in life, and a lot of things that will help us escape the reality of life.

How Does It Feel Writing A Fashion Blog?


When I started Our Fashion Passion, I always feel hesitant because fashion and styling as well as beauty contents are not my genres to write and I never write one before. But there’s always an urge for me to discover new things and I’m glad I continued writing here in Our Fashion Passion because it became part of me that I need to write an article even just once a week or so. And writing Fashion Blogs became my escape, whenever I feel exhausted from work I always switch to thinking about what should be my next article and I get excited to write it.

Writing a Fashion Blog it’s not that easy, especially since I don’t have a background in fashion designing as well as styling. I only write what my style in fashion is, what I observed from other people, and what’s new in fashion. There is time also wherein you don’t know what to write and even if you have an idea you still cannot write, that’s my number one problem that sometimes it takes me weeks or so before I can write a new article. And I guess I’m not the only one who experiences that one.

 In Our Fashion Passion, you’ll write freely and no one is gonna judge you. That’s that!

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