Personal Take: Hair Color DIY & Practical Tip

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I miss writing a personal take so here it is on hair color! A few months ago have been a busy and stressful month for me because I’m doing my internship. I feel like I am burned out from everything that I do and I was occupied with work which makes me feel drained all the time. To be honest that’s the reason I wasn’t able to write blogs.

Right after I finished my internship I immediately went to a shop that is known for health and beauty products in my town. I bought hair color. I don’t know what’s gotten on my mind why I bought a hair color instead of going to a salon. I was just laughing at myself when I got home. But here’s a practical tip/idea on doing the ‘Do it yourself’ way of coloring your hair.

Tip 1: Beauty Salon is Expensive

This is not to brag and discourage you from going to the salon because it’s your money. But the thing here is if you are a student, living alone, and saving money but want to have a new look then I guess a DIY hair color is good for you.

Tip 2: Choose The Best Hair Color

hair color

There are a lot of affordable hair colors but they will not change the color of your hair so beware of that. Choose a color that even if it’s pricey but will surely color your hair and it will not make your hair dry or greasy.

Tip 3: Use a Conditioner & Hair Moisturizer

After coloring your hair, wash it properly and use a conditioner as well as a hair moisturizer to keep your hair healthy and strong. Also to avoid hair fall.

hair color 1
Dark Cinnamon Hair Color- credit to the owner

In my case, I had a dark cinnamon hair color and my hair start to grow. 4 inches of my hair is black already and I know I needed a change of hair color. I think that’s the reason why I DIY my hair color because If I go to Salon I have to make an appointment (since my country is not yet CoVid free😔).

It was hard to do it yourself because I can’t see my back and I don’t know if I’m doing it right. Gladly after a few minutes and when I wash my hair it colored successfully! From Dark Cinnamon Hair Color I switch to a lighter color.

Summer limited Time sale
Chestnut Brown Hair Color- credit to the owner

Thankfully the result of the hair color matches my skin tone and for me that is important. I don’t want to look pale or like a dark horse with my hair so whenever I go to the salon I always choose a hair color that suits my skin tone and Chestnut Brown Color is a good one.

Since we are doing DIY hair color, we cannot guarantee that it will color your hair immediately especially if it is your first time coloring your hair. Better visit a hair expert instead. But if you are just like me who is used to hair colors then I think you can do it yourself. Just make sure that your hair will stay strong and healthy after coloring it. That’s another tip for you to remember 😉

Photo credit Pinterest.

Thank you Belle Willow ❤

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